Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer bridge

IMG_7768e I’ve mentioned many times before that Maisie adores school workbooks so to keep her engaged this summer I purchased the 1st to 2nd grade Summer Bridge Activities book.  The book isn’t difficult as it’s really just a review of the things she learned during first grade so for the most part she finds it fun but sometimes she finds it, in her words “baby easy” and says that it’s a bit boring. 

IMG_7775eSummer bridge books are meant to carry a child thorough a traditional three month summer break so it’s divided into three one-month sections with two activity pages for each day (I guess they only plan on weekday work as there are only 20 days of work per month.) 

IMG_7785eThe book covers reading, writing, math, science & social studies and it’s a mixture of the subjects each day to try and help keep things interesting.

IMG_7777eAfter testing, Maisie has been out of school eight week days (or ten total) and she has currently completed up through day 12 in her book … but not day twelve of the first month’s section mind you, she’s up to day 12 of the second month’s section.  At this rate she’ll complete the entire book by the end of this month and we still have all of June, July and half of August to go before she returns to school.  I’m considering getting her the 2nd to 3rd grade Summer Bridge Activities book as it will provide more of a challenge and may last her through the remainder of the summer…maybe…  


  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    You might want to go to a teacher/school supply store in your area. Look for second grade enrichment books...something with higher level of thinking activities. The books you have are just drill and don't require higher level of thinking skills. Maise would enjoy critical thinking, predictions, drawing conclusions, etc. She needs something that would challenge her.

  2. I love that she loves school SO much! I think I'll check out the Summer Bridge books for Rachel to use this summer. I want her to keep moving along because she is really making fast progress with reading in the last couple of months and I'm worried about her not having continued practice over the summer...

  3. Maisie the amazing student! Lordy, she is challenging you to keep her challenged. LOL!

  4. Said it on your FB that this is a great idea, have purchased the level lower for AA. Thanks!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy


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