Saturday, July 30, 2005

I'm an addict

Thursday afternoon, referrals are due and I am obsessively stalking some of my favorite bloggers who are due to get the call. The biggie call, the one with the first information about their child and let's not forget the pictures... Ahhh, the pictures that some will receive via email that day, or on Friday via the ever popular and excessively stalked Fedex or DHL carrier.

So what happens? My computer dies! Yes, Dead, Gone, Kaput! Everything is lost! All my email addresses, phone numbers, birthday & anniversary information, favorites list, pictures, recipes and files, gone!!!. Sh*t!! What to do now? Well, of course I was obsessing all night. Had I backed anything up? ... Of course not! Oh yeah and how do I now find out my ING savings account number. I've never written that was on the computer!

So, Friday morning I debated about going to the library to use a computer, but Lucio the painter was at the house painting baby S's room. So in desperation I went to my neighbor Gene, just to get a computer fix. I asked if I could send just *one little* email from his computer. Gene is a star, best neighbor anyone could ask for. He has watched over our home when we've been away, he doesn't complain about anything I do in the yard, he jumps my poor old Volvo whenever needed, he's just an all around good guy. The one scary thing though, his wife Mary knows that he has jumped my car on multiple occasions and has let me know, that it's OK with her, for Gene to jump me whenever needed! Hmmmmm...what an offer!

Well obviously I'm not the only addict in the house. Eammon was desperate to get a new computer ASAP because, who could go through a weekend, without checking the footie (soccer) results. So Friday he did research galore to find a new computer and when he returned home from work, he had the new computer in his hot little hands!

So now at 3:15 Saturday morning, I am seeing all the beautiful babies that have brought joy to the hearts of their new parents. To my readers, please welcome: Nora Mirabella Anwei, Gwendolyn Faye Ying, Gwendolyn Claire and Rachel Elizabeth. Congratulations to all the new parents!! If you want to laugh and cry at the same time, check out Karen when she gets the referral call. Also, a round of congrats to Mary-Mia & Rod, Bonnie, Clyde & Bubba Jr and Jen & Tony, for getting your LID's!!!

Now, for a public service announcement: Don't let this happen to you! Back up your files!

If everyone who knows me would please send an email with your home and/or work email address, your home address, phone numbers, birthday and anniversary information, I promise to take better care of it and back it up. Thanks!

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Yesterday, I went to a fantastic children's consignment store that Daphne let me know about. The store is located in an upscale area of Atlanta, and was chock full of designer baby wear. The store was doing their summer clearance sale, and thus, items were 75% off. On top of that, they were also offering an additional 20% off, and to sweeten the deal even further, they were doing it all tax free, saving me another 7.5%! I love these wealthy families and their cast offs! I was able to purchase Lily Pulitzer, Oilily, Zoodles, Shoo Shoo, Balu, Lapin Bleu, Berlingot, Dolci Momenti, Belugo, cc Bates and Malina, in the end, paying less than $4.75 per outfit. Many of the items that I bought still had the original store tags on them!

There is something that I always find interesting when stores are offering multiple discounts, and it happened again yesterday. In the store, the sales clerk would explain to each person when they arrived about the 75% off clearance, the additional 20% and it being tax free. Well, more than one person said wow...95% off! These people have no clue! One woman that was next to me, said this, and I said, no, it is 80% off. She let me know that 75 and 20 was 95. I know this, I said, but when stores offer this type of discount, they don't add the percentages together! I don't think she quite "got it", but then when she couldn't figure out, in her head, what 80% off each item was, maybe she was still trying to figure out 95% off each item, without pulling out her cell phone calculator, I knew right then and there, she would never get it!

Check out some of Baby Shanahan's new designer duds. I think I have a bit of an animal fetish.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Whew, dossier made it safely to CCAA

I love being kept informed, and tonight I received good news in this email:

Dear Eammon & Lisa Shanahan

Congratulations! Your dossier has arrived at CCAI’s Beijing
office and has been delivered to the China Center of Adoption Affairs

CCAI Dossier & China Departments


Sunday, July 24, 2005

It's been good weekend!

Last night was a night to celebrate. Heather and Billy were DTC on July 22 and Eammon and I were DTC on July 23!!! We are all keeping our fingers crossed for a quick LID and a super speedy referral.

I did all of my quilting homework, and I am ready for my 2nd class I'll be learning how to sew all these little quilt squares into big quilt squares. I am looking forward to starting Baby S's 100 Good Wishes Quilt.

I am still collecting fabric for Baby S's 100 Good Wishes Quilt. If you would like to contribute a fabric block and a wish, please let me know

Friday, July 22, 2005


Who cares if I am the worst wife in the world! Nothing matters, other than


Two minutes ago I received wonderful news, what a fantastic way to start the weekend!!

From CCAI:

CONGRATULATIONS, Eammon & Lisa Shanahan:

Your dossier was sent to China today!

I'm a horrible wife

This week I have been knocked out trying to recover from strep throat. I spent two days sounding like Barry White and now, even though I sound better, I still have been feeling less than peppy. I decided today to go back to the my doctor (not MUWL doctor!) as my chest, sinuses and ears now hurt too. I know that I must really have something as I allowed vampire Will, the phlebotomist, to draw blood...but only with a butterfly, with me in a private room, laying down...and yes, I passed out. The doc thinks that I have a combination sinus/chest infection but is testing my thyroid because of where the pain in my throat/chest is located. He changed my antibiotics to something supposedly better, newer and definitely more expensive!

So why am I a horrible wife? Last night Eammon came home from work and asked what's for dinner, hoping not to have leftovers again. I told him I was thinking about hotdogs. His response? "Sounds great!" (He is so good...and easy!) So I took the frozen block of dogs out of the freezer, handed it to him along with a package of buns and returned my butt to the sofa, but not before grabbing my 4th Jell-O pudding snack, fat-free tapioca of the day. Hmmm...4 tapiocas, a giant strawberry shortcake bar and a giant chocolate eclair bar all in one day! My only defense, my throat hurt and that's all I had. (Does that work?)

Well, I still don't feel like cooking but to make up for hotdogs last night, on my way home from the doc I stopped at Joli Kobe, a fabulous bakery and picked up a couple of Yakisoba buns and a sausage bun. Eammon can have those tonight, he'll enjoy them and I don't have to cook!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

We've passed inspection

I received a call from Andrea at CCAI in Denver, letting me know that our dossier has passed critical review and that it is now going to be translated. Andrea said that translation will take 7-10 days. Thus, even at only 7 days in translation, there's no way that we can be DTC (dossier to China) in July. Oh well...we will still celebrate that we are definitely DTC in August!! Maybe though, this is a good thing because, CCAA has been cutting off referrals, before month's end. Now, we won't have to stress about cut-off dates as we'll be DTC at the beginning of a month! (Looking for the positive!)

I tried to do a little happy scream, but I couldn't as I have been battling strep throat, so everyone reading this will have to do a little scream of joy for us! (I'm on antibiotics so I am doing better and no longer contagious, but still unable to scream)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Look Ma, I can sew!

As many of you have read, In seventh grade, I failed HomeEc. For all the years since then, I have proudly proclaimed; I do not sew. I decided though, I wanted to try and make the top for our daughter's 100 Good Wishes Quilt. So, I took the plunge and signed up for the patchwork made simple 1 class at Little Quilts, a local quilting store. For 3 hours yesterday, I learned how to cut fabric, use a sewing machine and even how to iron. (I neither sew nor iron! What kind of mother will I be?) The instructor had patience beyond compare, because look what I was able to accomplish, I have one block of a quilt ready to be sewn together!

The fabric in this quilt is "practice" fabric, NOT the fabric that has been sent to me along with wishes for the 100 Good Wishes Quilt. Now for homework, I have to make more of these pieces so that during the next class, I can learn how to sew the blocks together.

I am still collecting fabric for our daughter's 100 Good Wishes Quilt. If you would like to contribute a fabric block and a wish, please let me know.

Monday, July 18, 2005

We're special!

How cool, we are the featured blog on China Adoption News! It's an interesting site, click on over and have a read.

Friday, July 15, 2005

No matter how many times you say it, it's still NOT a word.

Today I was speaking with the receptionist at a doctor's office. I've never been to this doctor and after my conversation, I know that I wouldn't trust this office with anything, let alone matters of my health.

Maybe it's my own prejudice but I can't stand when people use big words in a context which is totally incorrect, they don't know what the word means but they think that they sound intelligent. But what pisses me off even more is when people make up words, think they sound high brow and intelligent and insist on using them when there are *real*, more appropriate words to use.

My 20 minutes wasted, on the phone with Made Up Word Lady (MUWL):

Me: Hi, my name is Lisa Shanahan and I was referred to your office by Dr. F., to see Dr. M., and I'd like to arrange for an appointment.

MUWL:I am sorry but I don't think at the present time we are accepting referrals from Dr. F.

Me: Is there a reason why, you're not accepting referrals from Dr. F? (Wondering what's wrong with my doctor, whom I think is wonderful. I've never heard of an office not accepting referrals from a doctor.)

MUWL: Please hold, to allow me to conversate with the office manager.

(Me, annoyed, thinking...what do you mean not accepting referrals, and what the *F* is conversate?)

Hold, hold, hold... 5 minutes...

MUWL: Excuse me, but what is your insurance company?

Me: Insurance X.

MUWL: Please hold, I need to conversate again.

Me: You need to what? (oops! thinking that I said it to myself)

MUWL: Conversate, you know, when you are conversating! Please hold.

Hold, hold, hold... 12 minutes...

MUWL: When would you like to schedule your appointment?

Me: What was the deal with referrals from Dr. F?

MUWL: Oh, it wasn't that we weren't accepting referrals from Dr. F, it was your insurance company.

(By this point, I've already decided that I am going to a different doctor, but she annoyed me enough that I want to torture her.)

But you didn't know which insurance I had, when you said you weren't accepting referrals.

MUWL: Welllll, (she is getting annoyed) once I conversated with the office manager, she informed me that it was your insurance company.

Me: Ahhh... so you're accepting referrals from my doctor, but not from my insurance company?

MUWL: Ma'aaaaam we are accepting referrals from your doctor AND from your insurance company.

Me: Well, since there is so much confusion, I think that I'll check with Dr. F. and see what other doctors are available under my insurance.

MUWL: Ma'aaaaam, I conversated with the office manager and we WILL accept your insurance!

Me: Honestly it is not my insurance, it's not the referral. Truth be told, no matter how many times you say it, conversate, conversated and conversating are NOT WORDS!!! {click}

I know, I was mean, nasty and rude, but she just *really* pissed me off! Also, before you ask, English is her first and native language...sad but true!

Some of the other words that piss me off are:
Flustrated: are you flustered, or frustrated? Or, have you become flustered in your frustration in trying to figure out a real word?

Youse: It's just NOT a word! It annoys me when people say "youse guys".

OK, my whinge is to find a different doctor. Does the use of certain words annoy you, or is it just me? Let me know what annoys you.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm happy dancing around the house again!

At this point, we're celebrating each and every step, because soon we'll will be in the long, long, long waiting process for referral. The U.S. Postal Service did not fail us, as they delivered all our dossier documents to CCAI Denver at 9:38 this morning! Then at 10:02 a.m., I received the following:

Dear Eammon & Lisa,

Congratulations! Your dossier has arrived into our office! We will complete the check-in and critical review of your dossier within 5 business days. We will contact you afterwards and let you know how everything looks. If your dossier is free of problems, we will then move it into translation for one to two weeks before mailing it to the China Center of Adoption Affairs! We will be in touch soon…

Warm Regards,
K. H.

We still may make it and be DTC in July...Keep your fingers & toes
crossed for us!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm trusting the U.S. Postal Service?

This morning with fear and trepidation, I turned over all of our dossier documents along with our 2nd agency fee, the CCAA fee as well as all of our couple and family pictures to the U.S. Postal Service. The package should arrive at the CCAI Denver office by 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. Then it's on to critical review and translation. Still hoping to be DTC (dossier to China) before the end of July!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Did you hear the scream?

Just a few minutes ago, I decided to stalk the USPS and check on the tracking number for my return package of authenticated documents, from the Chinese Consulate in Houston. And guess what, it was shipped out yesterday!!!!! Since our mail does not arrive until dinnertime, it will be first thing tomorrow morning when I park myself at the post office so that I can overnight all of our final dossier documents to Denver. Going to do the happy dance. Yes Gene, I will do the dance, in the driveway, just for you.

Friday, July 08, 2005

oooooooooooo......... Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Final fish count for the Narciso visit, girls 6:boys 1. Hayley was the fishing queen and caught more fish than anyone else! Poor Rich, the only one who "knew" what he was doing, only caught one bass. He stayed out last night, until well after dark, because any minute, the fish would start biting!

Yesterday, we all went down to World of Coke. What a self promoting piece of crap joke! They charge $9/adult, $5/child so that they can brainwash you with 1,200 artifacts of memorabilia and a glitzy movie of coke from around the world. Of course before you walk out, they have one last drug, when they tempt you into a sugar high with all their samples. That way, when you pass though, the only way out, massive, buy me, buy me, buy me gift store, you are too sugar stupid not to buy any overpriced, promote my product for free, doesn't everyone love coke, junk!

Just across the road, was Underground Atlanta, where Hayley picked Johnny Rockets for lunch. Lunch was just as Rich said it would be..."it's a burger joint, ya get what ya get." Underground was tourist trap without sunlight. Karen did buy some wonderful pralines (almost as good as the ones I make), at a little candy store where they were making them in the window. Then, the Narciso's had a lovely family picture taken with 5 beautiful, colorful and very large parrots. I wish that I had a scanner, as the picture was perfect, and I hope that they scan it, so that I can get a copy. This was my first visit to any of these places, so even though I complain, and wouldn't go again, it was still a very fun afternoon. Amazing how good friends can make anything fun.

At that point, Brandon was ready to go back to the house and fish. Of course once back, he sacked out on the couch and watched Sponge Bob videos while cuddling with Eammon's Sponge Bob and Patrick pillows. Yes, Eammon has the complete set of dvd's and the pillows...just what every "grown" man needs.

Last night was gorgeous, so it was a perfect night to eat outside, overlooking Rich fishing the pond. They had never had Eammon's favorite ruby (Indian food), consisting of Chicken Tikka Masala, Potato and Onion Bhaji and Saag Aloo, so that is what I made for them. Dinner was wonderful, and there are enough leftovers, that I don't have to cook tonight!

The first night the Narciso's were here, I made Blacksmith pizzas, which are grilled pizzas. They are named in honor of my blacksmith friend, George Martell, who years ago, taught me how to make these wonderful delicacies. Check out some of his metal work, especially the teapot table and chairs that George made as my kitchen set. Karen had put in her order for my chocolate pecan pie, so that was dessert.

As if we didn't have enough food the past two day, I still wanted to make sure that they had a true southern dining experience before heading home, so off to Waffle House for breakfast. It was funny, Karen didn't understand one word that the waitress said, but northerners don't understand most southernese. I think the problem was, our waitress had almost a full set of teeth. See, for those of you who don't have breakfast chains that *pale* in comparison to the "high standard" set by Denny's or IHOP, you wouldn't understand. The way that it works, is, the fewer teeth that your waitress has, the better and more attentive the service. Our waitress appeared to have almost a full compliment...don't know why we bothered to stay! They all enjoyed their waffles, and their scattered, smothered and covered. Then back to the house so Brandon could have one last dose of Cartoon Network before their long, 17 hour drive home.

Already, I'm experiencing empty nest syndrome. Now that they have left, my house is so quiet. No sweet, calming sounds of, oooooooooooo......... Who lives in a pineapple under the sea...

London bombing update: Thank you to everyone for your concerned calls and emails. Thankfully all of our family and friends in London are safe and were not, at the time of the bombings, in any of the affected areas.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Rain or shine, it was a fun day

I am so excited to have friends visiting and even though yesterday, weather wise wasn't the best we still had a wonderful relaxing day, hanging out in the backyard fishing.

The Narciso family fishing
Karen caught a fish!
Brandon feeding the ducks & geese
Cuddling with Brandon

Check out the cute outfits that the Narciso family brought for baby Shanahan. She will be all set to show her true colors in her Red Sox outfit!

Boston Red Sox baby
Too cute! Check out the shoes!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The sad commentary of my life

Well, what can I say about our holiday weekend. While Mary-Mia & Rod were chilling in Hawaii, and Tony & Jen were relaxing at St. Pete Beach in Florida, and Donna & Eric were basking in the glow of baby Hannah ... I power washed the driveway! What does that say about my life...sad, sad, sad. Now, we're not total losers, we did have options, and invitations, but it was nice to have a quiet weekend at home. Plus, my friends Rich & Karen are coming today, to visit for a few days!! So, their impending visit was the impetus to get some projects finished around the house. But trust me, I wouldn't power wash the driveway for anyone, even if Lizzie Windsor was visiting, as it is mind numbingly boring, this project was done for me! Rich & Karen's trip from Connecticut, with their two children, Hayley & Brandon, has included visits to Hershey Park, Dollywood and Pidgeon Forge.

Today, once they arrive, was to be a down day, hanging out at the pool and relaxing after all their fun-filled days and lots of driving...But alas, Cindy has come a calling.
For the two days that Rich, Karen & Family will be visiting, Atlanta will have nothing but rain from Tropical Storm Cindy. I can tell you one thing, our daughter will not be named Cindy!

Authentication Update: Our documents that were sent to the Chinese Consulate in Houston were received, according to the USPS, on Saturday, July 2nd. So, hopefully they made it to someone's desk who really wants to get them authenticated and returned to us ASAP!
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