Friday, November 30, 2007

Play group Friday

PB300027.JPG_Thumbnail1 We had a wonderful playgroup this morning at Deb's house. Deb baked and made lots of delicious treats for all of us and Ian made cookies last night night so that the girls could decorate them this morning, Thanks Ian! Briana was the champion eater, not interested at all in doing the frosting and decorating stuff but man can that little one eat! Maisie and LiLi were all about shoving frosting in their mouths and eating as many of the decorations as possible. Anna & Emma had a blast decorating their cookies and just having lots of fun and Sarabeth, well she was just there to look adorable. Then of course there was Kathy who was just glowing with excitement as she leaves for China in just six days to go and get Chani. It was a great time, thanks Deb for making such a fun day.  PB300004.JPG_Thumbnail1PB300006.JPG_Thumbnail1PB300014.JPG_Thumbnail1PB300017.JPG_Thumbnail1PB300018.JPG_Thumbnail1PB300024.JPG_Thumbnail1

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Play group Monday

PB260011.JPG_Thumbnail1 I haven't posted piccies from our Monday Library play group in a while so I figured it was time for updated pictures. All the children are getting so big and they all play together so well, never any fighting or problems. It's amazing that as a group we've been getting together every Monday, either at the Library or some ones home, for the past 10 months. Also amazing is how all the children have grown and changed right before our eyes, time sure flies!!

PB260017.JPG_Thumbnail1Let’s dump this truck.

PB260020.JPG_Thumbnail1Maisie and Karen playing drum.

PB260021.JPG_Thumbnail1Maisie playing her play drum.

PB260023.JPG_Thumbnail1Maisie & Alexander. 

Sunday, November 25, 2007

3:30 a.m. and pottery

Thanksgiving was great but exhausting and I'm please to say that all the leftovers have been eaten or banished from the house. Thankfully on Thanksgiving Eammon was a great help with after dinner clean up but his true shining moment, in my eyes, was when he offered to drive my parents to the airport for their Friday morning flight to Aruba. See they had a very early flight so it meant setting off from the house at 3:30 a.m., much too early for me especially after a full day of cooking and entertaining. Now my parents are happily lounging on the beach, hopefully resting up because in less than two weeks the three of us will be winging our way down to join them. The way I figure it, they have two weeks to relax before the two weeks of Maisie wanting attention from everyone on the beach and everyone needing another vacation to recover from chasing her everywhere.

Eammon did make the best of his early wake up by hitting a few sales and scoring for himself some fancy HD/DVD surround system something or other, which to me is just another remote that I'm sure I'll never figure out...but he's happy. Friday and Saturday were quiet days for Maisie and I as both of us have little colds which hopefully will clear up quickly.

Today I had a fun day as I met up with Deb, Kathy, Rachel & Randi for lunch and some pottery painting. PB250010.JPG_Thumbnail1Kathy



This was sort of our last hoorah before Kathy leaves for China to get Chani. It was a fun afternoon and we all shared lots of laughs. It will be fun to see how our pieces turned out once they're fired...That may be when the real laughs begin!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Last Thanksgiving we were eight and a picture, this year nine of us celebrated as Maisie is finally with us.

IMG_1455_jpg_Thumbnail1.jpg_Thumbnail1 We had a wonderful day, sharing it with my parents and friends, Deb, Dan, Ian and LiLi. All the children had fun playing together and the meal, if I do say so myself, was quite delicious.

IMG_1469_jpg_Thumbnail1.jpg_Thumbnail1 Our evening started with bacon wrapped shrimp and a veggie tray. We then feasted on Jerk Turkey Breast with Raspberry Sauce and/or Gravy, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potato Casserole, Roasted Beets, Corn Souffle and Cranberry Sauce along with two very nice wines courtesy of Deb & Dan. Of course no holiday is complete with out dessert so after letting dinner settle for a bit we had coffee and enjoyed a delightful Cranberry Cake with Butter Sauce, and a Spiced Streusel Apple Crisp accompanied by much to much whipped cream. It was a fun holiday for us and we hope that everyone reading had a great holiday too.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Keeping the Grandparents busy

My parents arrived last Saturday to spend Thanksgiving week with us and Maisie has been charming and entertaining them.

PB210002 Maisie is quite the little chef in her apron, hat and high heels, making coffee and toast for all in her kitchen.

Sunday morning Eammon took Maisie down to the Aquarium for her weekly dose of fish and by the time they returned home my parents and I were up and ready to spend the rest of the day with little Miss M. It was a beautiful day so playtime in Maisieland and bubbles galore entertained us all.

Monday morning we hosted our Library play group and then in the afternoon we ran a couple of errands and then played outside enjoying yet another beautiful afternoon.

Tuesday morning Maisie attended Mother's Morning Out and had a wonderful day as she now really enjoys being there and loves her teachers. While she was at school my Mom and I ran errand after errand until it was time to pick up Maisie. After Maisie's nap, my Mom and I took her to the playground where she was a little monkey hanging from all the rings and bars, walking the tightrope and going down the biggest slides.

PB210004 This morning we didn't have music class so we were able to go to The Playroom where for a full 75 minutes Maisie jumped on the trampolines and ran around like the Energizer bunny. I really thought that she would take a longer nap but an hour and fifteen minutes was all she gave me. During nap time and into the afternoon I started my Thanksgiving preparations and my parents entertained Maisie with blocks, puzzles, books, bubbles and more outside time on yet another glorious day. Unfortunately it was a rough afternoon for Maisie as she seemed to be feeling under the weather and her teeth were bothering her. I always try to do my best to not put her to bed much before 7:30PM but tonight she was in bed just after 6:30PM and sound asleep before 7PM. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that her early bedtime doesn't cause her to wake earlier than her usual 6am wake up. I'm hopeful that Maisie is feeling better tomorrow and that she has a better day.

Tomorrow is our first Thanksgiving with Maisie and I'm so excited that she's finally home and part of our family. So many Thanksgivings that we dreamed of having her here and now she is, so much to be thankful for. Here's wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Not a single tear was shed

Today I took Maisie for her first real haircut and she was an absolute star! We've been talking about having her hair cut and cheering "Yeah haircut" but I still feared that once at the salon she would freak out.

PB160002.JPG_Thumbnail1PB160003.JPG_Thumbnail1 PB160004.JPG_Thumbnail1PB160005.JPG_Thumbnail1PB160006.JPG_Thumbnail1PB160007.JPG_Thumbnail1 She loved the whole experience though, first playing with the huge train set that was in the waiting area, then being able to choose to sit in the fire truck, getting an animal cracker at the end of her haircut and finally choosing a bracelet from the treasure chest before leaving. They even put a foam sticky heart in her hair which she's still wearing four hours later. She just looks so adorable with her new do...not that I'm biased or anything!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Florida finale

Lisa Maisie_Nov_2007_004 Maisie and I had a good couple of final days visiting with my parents. Both Thursday and Friday we stayed close to their house spending our days at the playground, visiting with more neighbors and riding around in the truck (golf cart) going through as many tunnels as possible. Our flight home went really well especially since Maisie fell asleep within five minutes of take-off and didn't wake until we landed. We did have an hour before our flight at the airport in Orlando but luckily Maisie wanted to ride the train from the Main Terminal to the Airside Terminal over and over, so between those 27 trips, a visit to the rest room and a stroll by all 59 gates on our side of the terminal, the hour just flew by.

Once we landed in Atlanta, Maisie was so happy to see Eammon and just wanted to be held by him. To keep Maisie entertained while I waited for the luggage, Eammon rode up and down the escalators with her...very cute. Now we're home and getting back into our normal schedule. Saturday Eammon took Maisie to the park and ran her ragged then Sunday we all headed down to the Aquarium to see more fish. Today we had Library play group and tomorrow Maisie returns to Mother's Morning Out. We have a busy week ahead and it's difficult to believe that Thanksgiving is just over a week away!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Uncle Donald's Farm

Yesterday was another beautiful day so Maisie, my parents and I headed over to Uncle Donald's Farm.


We had a great time feeding the animals, going on a hay ride and even milking a goat. After a much to short nap for both Maisie and I, we did another drive around the neighborhood in the truck (golf cart) for more Maisie show-and-tell. Maisie especially loved going through the tunnels on the golf cart and closing all the doors in each house we visited.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Travel & SeaWorld

Monday morning, Maisie and I had a great flight down to Orlando and an easy drive up to my parent's home. We had an easy afternoon of Maisie show-and-tell, visiting some of the neighbors as well as taking a fun ride in the truck (golf cart) around the neighborhood. I had wanted it to be an early night as we had to be up early Tuesday morning and had already been up since 3am but Maisie had other plans and wanted to have a final meal at 11:30PM! Finally just after midnight she settled down and we all were able to go to sleep.

Early Tuesday morning we drove back down to Orlando and met up with Rebecca & Princess Babykins and Melissa, Jetty & Ella at SeaWorld. Melissa & Jetty were in our travel group as Maisie and Ella were both from WanZhou SWI. It was a beautiful day, everyone had a good time and the girls just loved being with one another.

PB060068.JPG_Thumbnail1Jetty, Ella, Maisie & Princess Babykins.


PB060075.JPG_Thumbnail1Ella, Princess Babykins, Maisie & Jetty.

PB060082.JPG_Thumbnail1Maisie & Jetty giving kisses.

PB060083.JPG_Thumbnail1Lots of hugs.

PB060084.JPG_Thumbnail1Jetty tickling Maisie.

PB060085.JPG_Thumbnail1More tickles.

PB060091.JPG_Thumbnail1Hugs goodbye.    

It was wonderful to finally meet Rebecca & Princess Babykins and just amazing to see the changes in Ella since China and how much she's grown. I can't wait to see everyone again and hopefully we'll all get together again soon.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Children and their toys

PB030054 Yesterday while Maisie napped, Eammon and I finally put together the kitchen set that she received for her birthday from my parents. Once she awoke and saw the kitchen she was in heaven and played for hours making numerous pots of coffee, pot after pot of soup and washing and slicing all sorts of fruits and veggies. Maisie just loves her new kitchen.

PB030062 Eammon, exhausted from having to twist in so many screws for the kitchen fell fast asleep on the sofa clutching his new toy which we purchased earlier in the day.

Tomorrow morning bright dark and obscenely early, Maisie and I head south to Florida for a five day visit with my parents as well as meeting up with friends new and old for a day at SeaWorld. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Maisie travels as well on this trip as she has on all recent trips and I know that we're going to have fun no matter how the traveling goes.
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