Friday, May 13, 2011

Final field trip

Maisie’s final day of first grade was one big day of celebrating and I too got to join in on the fun. 

IMG_7345 Our day started when I received handmade cards from Maisie and each of her classmates.  They were all thank you notes for teaching them sign language, having crafts, parties and cupcakes for them all year long.  It was very sweet and each child presented and read their card to me and I thanked them each with a big hug and a roll of Smarties because they were my little smart ones all year long. 

photo (5)e The children then had a little time before their next dose of sugar so they all lined up to sign the backs of each others t-shirt.

photo (3)eNext, the lower school students gathered together for a Box Tops 4 Education party as all the classes did their best in collecting box tops so at 9:15 am the children were celebrating with popsicles and ice cream.  *A big thank you to everyone who contributed to Maisie’s stash of box tops.* 

photo (2)e The children then spent more time writing essays on the backs of each others shirt while also watching a movie in their classroom.  Then to get all the wiggles and jiggles out they had some time out on the playground.  

At 10:45 all the students (sporting their matching school field day t-shirts), teachers and numerous parents got into cars and we headed out to Mountasia where we took over the facility for a day of mini-golf, arcade games, pizza, fried chicken & cake.  Maisie and her classmates had a blast. 

IMG_7305Maisie sizing up the conditions.

IMG_7302eTeeing off.

IMG_7309Maisie, Sebastian & Maya doing their best to coax their balls into the hole. 

IMG_7313eMaisie and Maya spent a lot of time doing car races.  I think each game took so long because they spent so much time hitting things, driving backwards and off the course…but they had fun.

IMG_7318Maisie and Maya had their best fun playing air hockey, they really got into it.

IMG_7320And had a good time.

IMG_7331eOne final picture before all the students left for summer break.  Included are almost all the students in Kindergarten through fifth grade.

photo (4) After Mountasia we returned home for an little down time and to change our clothes before heading out to classmate Sarah’s birthday party.  It was a small but fun little party and Maisie enjoyed being with her friends and classmates. 

After two busy active days and lots of party food and sugar you’d think the girl would have been exhausted but she was still full of energy come bedtime…OY!!  I need to figure out how to tap into her energy and get some for myself!


  1. Love the pictures and it looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Bring on all the summer fun :). We still have 2 weeks left..

  2. Those handmade cards warmed my heart! How special!

    What a fun field trip!

  3. What a blast for a last day! Linlee still has a month to go, but I'm certain her last day at public school won't be nearly has exciting. Lucky Maisie! (And yeah, why can't our kids share some of that non-stop energy? I could you use a barrel full.)


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