Friday, June 29, 2007

Going with the flow

7.jpg_Thumbnail1 That would be the snot flow, which continues at an amazing rate. Because of the snot and general crankiness we've had to make a few adjustments in our busy schedule this week but little Miss Maisie still had lots of fun.

Tuesday morning was our weekly lunch and play date with Deb & LiLi, Kathy and Randi, this week hosted by Lisa. She had out some of Briana's toys for the girls to play with and they had so much fun playing and we all had fun watching them while enjoying a wonderful lunch. Both Lisa and Deb had out their cameras and I of course nicked all their piccies. The color pics are from Lisa, the b & w ones are from Deb.

2.jpg_Thumbnail1 8.jpg_Thumbnail1 3.jpg_Thumbnail1 11.jpg_Thumbnail1
Tuesday afternoon we had planned to attend a BBQ with our Marietta Moms group but Maisie wasn't feeling great and was very clingy and I didn't think being outside in 100 degree humid weather was going to be in her best interest. In addition, every time I would stand up she wanted to be held and the prospect of standing outside sweating, having Maisie attached to me, just didn't sound appealing. She also wasn't really up to being social with lots of people so we made last minute alternate plans. We headed over to Jessie and Ava's home for playtime in the cool and comfort of air conditioning. The girls were both teething and not quite their normal chipper selves but they had fun together. P6260012.JPG_Thumbnail1P6260021.JPG_Thumbnail1P6260014.JPG_Thumbnail1

Wednesday morning we went to our Music Together class to find out that we were the only ones there this week! Maisie and I enjoyed our little private class and had fun chatting with Alicia, the teacher. So many people are away over the summer and have such busy schedules, so music over the summer has been cancelled and now we look forward to the fall when it starts up again.

Little Tikes Playhouse Wednesday afternoon I went to pick up a Step2 Playhouse that I purchased for Maisie off of Craig's List. Just as I was getting ready to pull out of the driveway Eammon arrived home which worked out really well as the pick-up location was a bit further than I thought and not having Maisie along for the ride was a good thing. I can't wait to get our back yard sorted out so that I can get the house cleaned up and out there for Maisie and friends to play in.

Thursday morning Maisie and I had some errands to run then in the afternoon we attended a fun birthday party for Ava F. at Pump it Up. Maisie isn't into the bouncy inflatables but she still had fun with all the other children. She did so well too as this was the first time she has really sat away from me, with other children, eating on her own. She devoured almost a full slice of pizza and between what she got in her mouth and down the front of her dress, she also finished a full scoop of ice cream. It was a fun afternoon. P6280005.JPG_Thumbnail1P62800091.jpg_Thumbnail1P6280021.JPG_Thumbnail1

This morning we had plans to go out to Cagle's Dairy with our Moms Group but because of heavy and much needed rain last night, it was cancelled. Instead Maisie and I had some playtime at home and she conked out for an early nap allowing me to get a few things done around the house. After her nap I was thinking how good I've been this week with pictures but probably wouldn't have any from today when I turned and looked at her. I just had to laugh and grab the camera, this little girl loves, loves, loves her peanut butter sandwich!   P6290004.JPG_Thumbnail1 P6290006.JPG_Thumbnail1

To finish off our afternoon and week, we went over to the indoor play area where we met up with a few friends and where Maisie had a blast playing on all the equipment. Major snot, lots of fun and friends, overall another good week.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Snot continues

P6250041.JPG_Thumbnail1 Poor little thing, Maisie's nose is running like an open tap. I would say that the runny nose was her only symptom of what I think is teething pain but unfortunately she's been moody and miserable with her new favorite pastime being screaming every time I dare to stand up. On top of that we have one of our busiest weeks ever, still ahead of us with activities and plans both morning and afternoon through Friday.

P6250042.JPG_Thumbnail1P6250049.JPG_Thumbnail1P6250062.JPG_Thumbnail1 P6250064.JPG_Thumbnail1 P6250066.JPG_Thumbnail1 P6250069.JPG_Thumbnail1As you can see from today, we weren't going to let a little teething and snot stop us from our appointed rounds. This morning was our Library playgroup hosted once again by Erin. We had full attendance today with eight Mom's, eight children and even one Grandmother. Maisie was slow to get going but in the end had fun as did everyone.

Come afternoon we had planned for Brandie & Zoe and Jessie & Ava to come over for an afternoon in the pool but thunder and passing showers called for a change of venue. We decided to go over the the indoor playground at JFBC where we virtually had the entire play area to ourselves. The girls all had fun playing on all the play pieces and with one another.

P6250105.JPG_Thumbnail1 P6250084.JPG_Thumbnail1 P6250074.JPG_Thumbnail1 P6250094.JPG_Thumbnail1

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Teething again???

OY, what a week we've had!! Maisie has been feeling less than stellar as she appears to be teething again and has become a snot monster!! She hasn't been running a fever but her hands have been buried in her mouth with constant trails of snot...not a pretty sight! The only teeth still to come in are her two-year molars so I hope they either come in very early (now) or they settle down and leave her be for a few months. Even though she's been under the weather we've still managed to have yet another busy week, even if it has been rough going. On top of that, I've been a horrible Mother and haven't pulled out my camera all week but trust me, you don't want to see the ever present snot!!

So, what was on the agenda this week? Monday morning Maisie and I hosted our library play group which filled our home with more Moms and children than ever before. It was lots of fun having everyone here and all the little ones played so well together. Our afternoon wasn't quite as fun as it consisted of shopping and preparing for Tuesday where we hosted our weekly lunch and play group. Tuesday after everyone went home, Maisie and I spent some time in the pool before a headache knocked me for a loop and knocked me out. Eammon arrived home from work, I fed him and Maisie some dinner and then at 6:15PM I fell into a nice drug induced, much needed sleep. I did then wake at 2:45am and was up for the duration. But hey, my headache had subsided almost completely and I felt pretty well rested.

Wednesday morning Maisie was up at sparrows fart and by 8am her head was bobbing and she was down for her first nap of the day where she slept for an hour and forty minutes. We then did a little shopping followed by lunch and a bonus second nap! She usually does one, one hour and fifteen minute nap per day so surprisingly, her second nap lasted just over two hours! I feared that I was in for a long night but after an afternoon at the pool with Jessie and little Ava, Miss Maisie was knackered and went to bed at normal time with no fuss at all. Thursday morning we had a couple of appointments and a quiet morning of play at home followed by another afternoon in the pool. Maisie is getting quite brave and now likes jumping off the edge (holding my fingers still) and being twirled around in the water hanging on only to my fingers.

Friday we met up with my Marietta Moms group for playtime at the Kidzstock playground. Maisie was so funny, at snack time she went from Mom to Mom seeing who had the best snack crackers and accepting some from everyone who offered. This is so new for her as up until this point she's been quite timid about accepting anything from anyone other than Eammon or I. I think it's that we get together with these Moms so regularly now, she's feeling comfortable and safe around them and definitely opening up to them. I thought after running around at the playground in the hot sun, that she'd be out for a long nap but instead Friday afternoon was h.e.l.l. with a capital H. She would not nap and screaming was her activity du jour. Thankfully Jessie and Ava came over to join us in the pool and helped distract and entertain Miss Misery Guts so that my ear drums could get a bit of a rest. I then took a huge, HUGE risk and took Maisie to meet Eammon for dinner at the Chinese buffet. She was just nodding off in the car as we got to the restaurant but I quickly got her out, strapped her into her booster seat (Thanks R & M, it's been a lifesaver) and quickly got her eating her favorite lo mein noodles. She did so well during dinner, charming our waitress and all that passed by with waves and blowing kisses. She barely stayed awake on the ride home and within 10 minutes of walking in the door, she was out for the night.

P6230004 Today I met up with Kathy for an afternoon of dinner preparation at The Dinner A'Fare. We each made a baker's dozen of dinners which in our house, other than one of the delicious Orange BBQ Glazed Pork Chops, are all neatly tucked in the freezer for future nights. This was my first time doing these types of meals and it was a fun way to spend a few hours and preparing meals with no clean-up was a nice little change. It will also be nice to have some new and different quick prep meals in the freezer especially for the nights when Maisie and I have had a full day of activities.

We have some big projects that are going to be happening around the house over the next few weeks but that's for future posts. As far as Maisie activities, well next week looks full of more fun happenings and I'll try to do better with the picture taking as I know Maisie piccies are a lot more interesting than piccies of me!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh what a day!!

Sunday was not only Father's Day but it was also the day that Maisie turned 20 months old, so a fun filled day was a must. Deb had been trying for weeks to get Maisie and I to go to White Water with them but I'd been hesitant. Maisie had been so uncomfortable in any water and I didn't relish the idea of chasing her around the periphery of the park. Now that she's been to the pool daily and loves to splash around and the fact that Eammon would also be with us, we decided to give it a go. It was lots of fun and Maisie and LiLi had so much fun together in the kiddie area. We were there for just over two hours and it went much better than I had anticipated. In all likelihood, next season we'll get a pass as Maisie will be that much older and more comfortable and it should make for some fun days next summer.

Eammon and I worked to keep Maisie awake for the short ride home and then she went down for a nap during which time I made an English Sherry Trifle to bring along for dessert that night. After Maisie's nap we headed over to Deb's for dinner where she made a gorgeous dinner of grilled lamb with a tzatziki type sauce along with a great corn, feta, tomato & basil salad. Everything was wonderful, the food and the company. A great way to celebrate, good friends and great food. I think too that they all liked my dessert as everyone went back for second and in some cases third helpings! Deb and family, thanks for a great day.

9.jpg_Thumbnail1 Deb of course captured some beautiful piccies of Maisie which I of course nicked from her site. The pictures were taken while I was changing Maisie's diaper and doing some tickles. As you can see, she was just roaring with laughter. 1.jpg_Thumbnail12.jpg_Thumbnail1 3.jpg_Thumbnail1 4.jpg_Thumbnail1 5.jpg_Thumbnail1 6.jpg_Thumbnail17.jpg_Thumbnail18.jpg_Thumbnail1

Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Friday again...Already!!

Where did the week go? Time seems to fly by as we're just going, going, going all the time. Maisie and I have had another busy week with lots of play dates and activities. As I posted previously, Monday morning was quite exciting and though we didn't have any more encounters with the rescue squad, the remainder of the week was still eventful and fun.

Monday afternoon we met up with my Marietta Moms group for a play date at the indoor playground at JFBC. P6110031.JPG_Thumbnail1 The play area is wonderful especially on hot summer afternoons, rainy afternoons, cold's just all around fun. P6110036.JPG_Thumbnail1 This is also where, come September, Maisie will be attending Mother's morning out two days a week. P6110033.JPG_Thumbnail1
Tuesday was our weekly lunch play date and this week Randi and Jack hosted. As always it was lots of fun and of course Maisie looked beyond adorable. Unfortunately neither Lisa nor Deb was able to attend this week and take their weekly photo, so I'm going to have to put the little girl in the same adorable outfit again and get a piccie. Tuesday afternoon was hot and humid, perfect for the pool where we spent time until an afternoon thunderstorm rolled though the area.

Wednesday morning Maisie and I visited with Trixie and played with some of her numerous baby toys before being sent home with a couple of wonderful new books. Thanks Trixie, we love all our new books and the gorilla too!! The afternoon brought some errands and a little bit of cooking. Once Eammon arrived home from work, he took Maisie for a nice long swim. I then headed out for an evening with the girls, bidding farewell to one of our neighbors who is moving to Texas. Eammon and Maisie had some good playtime together before he rocked little M to sleep.

Thursday morning brought about a little more shopping where I bought Maisie some wonderful new faux crocs. Her feet are still a few sizes too small for the real ones but personally I think these faux ones are just cute beyond words and of course I bought both the pink and the white!!

After a nice long nap Deb, Ian & LiLi joined us at the pool for almost two hours of swim time. We had perfect timing too as about ten minutes after we decided we had our fill, another afternoon thunder storm rolled though. Eammon was out for a movie night with the guys and little Miss Maisie was beyond knackered so keeping her awake until 7PM was exhausting so once she went down for the night I was toast and just vegged, spending the night watching the current and previous nights recordings of "So You Think You Can Dance"...Love it!!!

Friday morning we once again met up with the Marietta Moms for a morning of fun at The Playroom. Maisie had a blast on the trampoline and in the foam pit and so many of her little friends were there, just great fun. After her very, way, way too brief nap, Brandie and Zoe came over for a little indoor playtime, just a nice relaxing afternoon.

So there passes another week, let's see what happens next week!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Six month anniversary and the rescue squad

1 Today marks our six month anniversary of Maisie Day and us becoming a family of three!

I know that I say this each month but it's difficult to remember a time before Maisie, she fills not only our days, nights and all available time but she fills our hearts and we just love her more than words can express. This has been the best six months and we know that there's so much more to come and it's only going to get better and better. A big shout out to all our travel mates and friends who share this wonderful anniversary with us,congratulations!

It's just past noon and Maisie is down for her nap but oh what a morning we've had. This morning we got together with our library play group and just as Maisie and I were about to walk into Erin's home I heard Jessie up at the street start a chant of OMG, OMG and Karen saying she was going to call the police. Maisie and I walked back up to the road to find little Ava accidentally locked in the car. Ava even got the keys out of Jessie's bag and was pushing buttons on the key fob but unfortunately only managed to continue locking the door instead of hitting the unlock button.
2 Luckily cool heads prevailed and a big fire truck arrived within probably 6 minutes of the call to help with the rescue.

3 It took just a minute for the lock to to be popped and for a very happy Mommy and Ava reunion.
4 The firefighters were great with the the children and provided them all with helmets and badges then were kind enough to pose for a rescue well done celebratory picture. The babies from left to right: Alexander, the calm & cool rescued Ava, a screaming Maisie (it's a group piccie would you expect anything different?!?!), Tommy and Katie. This was definitely a play date to be remembered but not repeated. After Maisie's nap we still have a full afternoon of activities so our fun day will continue.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Keeping the little girl busy

DSC03085 Monday, Maisie and I played with our library story time playgroup and it was good fun. I got some lovies from Katie, but Maisie wanted to make sure that both Katie and I knew that I was her person so she too climbed into my lap. Maisie doesn't cry or get upset if I hold another child but she'll always climb into my lap and cuddle in close.

IMG_0040 Tuesday we lunched and had a fun play date at Kathy's home with Deb & LiLi, Heather & Lily, an anxious, waiting for the call, Mom-to-be Lisa and Randi & Jack. After these weekly play dates Maisie is completely knackered and generally doesn't make it five minutes in the car before falling fast asleep and this Tuesday was no different. Maisie looked adorable (of course!) in her dress from my second July secret pal Anjela and thanks to Lisa for the piccie. It's wonderful having friends to get together with each week, being able to engage in some adult conversation, enjoy great lunches all whilst watching the little ones play together and having fun.

Wednesday started with me obsessively checking the computer looking for Lisa's referral, even before any of the agencies were open and would have started calls. I had to leave the computer as we needed to attend our last Music Together class before summer session begins in a few weeks. After music we returned home so that Maisie could have her nap and I could hit refresh over and over waiting to see Briana for the first time.

Maisie.jpg_Thumbnail1 Since I knew that Maisie wouldn't be interested in looking at the computer all afternoon we had arranged for Deb, LiLi and Ian to come over for a swim. Maisie and LiLi did so well at the pool, we were in the water for almost 90 minutes! LiLi and Maisie.jpg_Thumbnail1 Of course as soon as I came back in the house I was hitting that refresh button and sending pleading messages to Lisa to hurry up and post piccies! Seeing Briana's sweet face was worth the wait and to top it off, she's a Chongqing cutie just like Maisie!!

Thursday and Friday were all about the pool. Thursday morning we met up with Brandie and Zoe and went swimming in their pool then after a long nap and some lunch we spent the afternoon in our pool. At the end of the day, the former water hating Maisie didn't want to get out of the pool as she was having so much fun.

DSC03118 Friday morning was a play date at the home of one of one of the gals in my Marietta Mom's group. She has a beautiful yard with a pool and play area. It was just a perfect morning and both the adults and children had a great time. Plus I got to get some cuddles from the adorable Celia...and of course Maisie too!

We then met up with Brandie and Zoe for an afternoon at their pool before a much needed rain storm blew through the area. Maisie likes to be held in the water but her favorite time is sitting on the step in just a few inches of water, playing with some toys. I'm still trying to get her into a floaty but she's not having any of it yet but hopefully soon.

Though Maisie smiles all the time, it's rare to capture it on film but tonight I did, getting two of the cutest piccies as Maisie was eating dinner at her little picnic table. P6080016 She was having a great time eating her dinner as she watched the rain come down on the pond. P6080017

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