Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fried green tomato sandwich

One of my favorite lunch places which I’ve mentioned often on the blog is The Fickle Pickle and my absolute number one meal there is the fried green tomato sandwich and Caribbean clam chowder.  Now the fried green tomato sandwich is always on the menu but the soups change seasonally and I’m always heart broken when the clam chowder isn’t available because sometimes I just crave it.  Maisie and I went recently and I had to settle for an alternate soup, which was still good but it wasn’t their fabulous Caribbean clam chowder.

IMG_6063Fried green tomato sandwich with pepper jack cheese, tomato jam, onion, arugula & basil mayo on sourdough…NIRVANA!!

So what’s a girl to do to satisfy her Caribbean clam chowder cravings?  Well, try and duplicate their recipe at home of course.  A few months ago when I was at The Pickle the chowder was available so I brought my portion home, tasted, slurped, inspected and analyzed the flavors and recreated their recipe.  I know that mine is a tiny bit different (for one I know they put in carrots yet I left those out) but they are oh so very similar and I like them equally.  The chowder is super simple to make and freezes wonderfully so I make it in big batches.  My freezer is stocked with portions of what I call Caribbean clam chowder with corn.  I have posted the recipe on my Cook Lisa Cook blog so if you’re interested in a wonderful recipe go check it out.  Here is the direct link to the recipe:  Caribbean clam chowder with corn.

Next I need to figure out a good copy cat recipe for their tomato jam…



  1. Mmm, I would love that sandwich!

    You are on fire with your recipes. I'm still struggling to actually cook these days. :(

  2. I have never, ever tried a fried gree tomatoe, let alone a sandwich. I have always wanted to since I saw the movie of the same name. I will have to try!!!!!

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  3. Drool!!! Oh my heck... cked out your cooking blog. I am so hungry. When will you be coming to SLC this year? Can you cook for us?



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