Sunday, May 22, 2011

Open for the season

Much to Maisie’s delight our pool is now open for the season.  Yesterday after planting the garden and going out for brunch at our now favorite dim sum place, Maisie wanted to go to the pool.  Eammon took her up there and I joined them about an hour later.  I sat for a bit on the edge of the pool and only barely managed to dip my toes as I thought that the water was freezing cold.  Maisie and the few other children who were there didn’t seem too bothered by the cold water and Maisie spent almost two hours swimming around.  She would get out occasionally to sit on the pool deck to soak in some of that warmth but those times were rare.

photo (2)ephoto (1)ephoto eI only had my cell phone with me so just these three little wonky colored pictures of my bathing beauty in one of her new swim suits.

I recently bought Maisie three new adorable swim suits, all from Old Navy.

on836375-00vliv01 on836378-00vliv01It’s a bit difficult to see but the one she’s wearing is a one-piece version of the one shouldered ruffled one above.  She and I both prefer the tankinis because they’re easier to deal with when in the rest room but for her swimming lessons she does better with a one piece so that’s why we have one of those in the mix.  They’re all adorable and on sale so go snag some cute bathing suits for your little bathing beauty!

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  1. Awe, what a cutie. Linlee would LOVE to have a community pool. And that last suit is my favorite. :)


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