Sunday, May 25, 2008

What a week

This past week has been all about laying low and lots of extra hugs and kisses. It started last Sunday night when Maisie spiked a fever of over 104. With a bath and some meds we were able to bring her temp down to a more reasonable level and she was able to sleep through the night. Both Monday and Tuesday Maisie's temperature remained around 100 and she was like a rag doll, constantly attached to me. Each time I would stand-up she would say "sit down Mama, open chair (recliner), cover my feet." So there we sat for two days snuggled together under a blanket watching more Thomas and Friends than any adult should be subjected to. For my little girl-on-the-go to stop and just lay on me, dozing on and off, I knew she wasn't well so Thomas it was. Tuesday afternoon we were happy to be home as huge rain, tornado and hail storms passed through the area. We all snuggled together and watched out the windows as the storms passed. Thankfully other than a few small branches down we had no damage.

Wednesday morning Maisie was running just a low grade fever but her nose was an open tap of yellow goo. So at 9am I decided to call the doctor and by 10:45 we were walking out of her office with a prescription in hand and a diagnosis of a sinus infection. We made a quick stop at the grocery to pick up a few essentials and the meds then we were home for naps, both hers and mine. She awoke with a lot more of her usual pep so I decided it would be good for us to get out of the house so we went to gymnastics where she had a wonderful time. By bedtime her temperature was normal and the entire house slept well.

Thankfully Maisie awoke Thursday morning fever free and pretty much back to normal energy though still very clingy. I then read a few blogs which all reported the same news and my heart couldn't help but to go out to a family I only know through a few songs and their involvement in the world of adoption. My heart especially ached for the boy that may never forgive himself and for the little girl who will never experience all that her future was to be. I then stepped back and appreciated even more my little girl and relished her clingy ways giving her all the hugs and snuggles she asked for and more.

Friday morning we had some appointments then after nap time I took Maisie to get her hair cut. She chose to sit in the police car for her cut and has decided that getting her hair cut is lots of fun thus she was a star and super cooperative with her hairdresser Tina. She and I made it home just minutes before more heavy storms passed through the area so once again we snuggled as thunder boomed and terrific lightning streaked through the sky. Maisie is a bit afraid of the thunder and so as we snuggled together I could hear her little mantra "it's just thunder, it's just noise, Mama always comes back, it's just thunder, it's just noise, Mama always comes back." Just so stinking cute, I can't help but love my little girl.

Yesterday was the first full day our pool was open so Maisie and Eammon spent some time playing in the water together allowing me time to get laundry and a few other things done around the house. Then today was a guys get-together/bbq with some of Eammon's work mates and he wanted to take Maisie along so I enjoyed a nice, rare, quiet afternoon to myself.

IMG_2063a The picture is from this morning when Maisie informed me that she was dressed to go to work and to "take a picture Mama", such a character just gotta love her!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Partying A to Z

Saturday was a day to celebrate with friends.

IMG_2002a In the early afternoon I attended Theresa's baby shower for Ava who is due to make her appearance in early July. The shower was lovely with so many of Theresa's friends and family in attendance. Ava is already one very loved and spoiled little girl.

IMG_2031 The later afternoon was all about Georgia where we welcomed and showered Zoe with gifts.

IMG_2050 Lots of party games, a lovely spread of wonderful foods and fun watching Zoe model one of her many gifts made for a nice way to end the day.

Congrats to both Theresa & Georgia on your daughters Ava and Zoe.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Jump, Run, Repeat

file6 Wednesday morning I had an appointment and Deb was kind enough to watch Maisie for me. Not only did she watch Maisie but she also took 359 pictures!! Maisie and LiLi had a blast together jumping, running, playing inside, outside, rolling around and being silly toddlers. It was great to return from my appointment to find a very happy and tired little girl. Thanks Deb, Maisie had a great time and I enjoyed the nap time which followed immediately after returning home.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

How long is summer vacation??

IMG_1937a It seems like just a couple of weeks ago that Maisie started at Mother's Morning Out but oh my gosh, look how much she has grown up!! Today was her final day for this year and we now have until August 26 or fourteen weeks of summer vacay until the new year starts, oh my!! Maisie does best when we have activities planned five mornings a week and then have our afternoons to do errands, plan activities here or there or to play by ear. Fourteen weeks people, that's a lot of time to plan new activities especially when I've had two days a week filled with MMO for the past nine months. Then there was our music class on Wednesday mornings which we ended back on April 2nd so it's really three mornings a week for which I needed to find replacement activities.
First day 
My difficulty in finding activities for Maisie is that most of the summer programs available locally are for children over five years old with a handful for those as young as three. Trying to find a summer program for a two year old which lasts more than an hour, one or two days a week is very limited. Thankfully though I have found two great programs for Maisie to attend this summer and I know that she's going to love both of them.

For 6 weeks, June 3rd to July 10th, Maisie will attend summer camp, Outrigger Island Adventure, at one of the local churches. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 9am-1PM Maisie will be doing crafts, games, water & outdoor play, music, listening to stories and having picnic lunches all of which sounds like a fun time to me. Then for three weeks, July 14th - August 1st also Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 9am - 1 PM, she'll be attending The 2008 Olympic Dreams Gymnastics Summer Camp at the North Metro Gymnastics Center where she is currently enrolled and taking gymnastics classes. Maisie loves, loves, loves her gymnastics classes and when she walks out into the gym she is fearless. Where usually loud noises and crowds make her shy away and fearful, when she's in the gym she doesn't even notice all the people and the noise. We currently attend gymnastics classes on Wednesday afternoons and will continue to do that class throughout the summer except for the weeks she'll be at gymnastic camp.

I think that it sounds like a fun summer of activities and I hope that Maisie enjoys it all even with having two weeks at the beginning and three weeks at the end spending 24/7 with her dear old Mom.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

file5 Today was a wonderful second Mother's Day for me spending time with family and friends. We had a nice quiet morning at home followed by a delicious dinner over at Deb's house. Just a wonderful day.

Happy Mother's Day everyone, to all the Moms and Moms-to-be.IMG_1879b

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Talking with Cinderella

Deb made this adorable page of a conversation she and LiLi had the other day. The page is for LiLi's scrapbook but it made me laugh so hard and it's so sweet, I had to post it here.

Cinderella phone call Conversation (text on page):

Li Li: Blah - Blah - Blah
Deb: Who are you talking to.
Li Li: Cinderella and she is Maisie.
Deb: Oh - you're talking to Maisie and she is pretending to be Cinderella?
Li Li: Yeah.
Deb: Do you want her to come over and play?
Li Li: No - Cinderella is in time out.
Deb: Why?
Li Li: Because she is crying.
Deb: Why is she crying?
Li Li: Because Miss Lisa won't give her a Go-gurt.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ta da!!!

1 11 08.jpg_Thumbnail1  AAA It's only taken about three months but thanks to all your wonderful name suggestions and huge thanks to Deb and her digital scrap booking talents as well as her time and effort, Our Journey to Baby Shanahan has been transformed into Moments with Maisie. I hope that you love the new look as much as I do as I feel that the new look really reflects the funkiness and sparkle that is Maisie.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Day out with Thomas

file5It was a gorgeous day to be outside up in Tennessee with bright blue sunny skies and temps in the high 70's, just perfect. Maisie had a blast visiting with Thomas and even though I was concerned that seeing a full sized Thomas would freak her a bit, she couldn't get enough of him. Oh  what fun to experience life through the eyes of a two year old. 

file6Here comes Thomas!!

file4Maisie giving her tickets to the conductor.

file3Riding on Thomas the Tank Engine…Woo Hoo!!  

file2Fun to meet up with Maisie’s friend Alexander.

file10Meeting Sir Topham Hatt.


file8Checking out the animals.


file14Having fun with the train sets.


file18Trying to get a Thomas tattoo.

file19Another attempt on the tattoo.

file17Settling on a stamp when the tattoo didn’t work.

file1One knackered little girl for the drive home.  

Friday, May 02, 2008

Car talk

Maisie and I had the following little conversation this morning in the car:

Maisie: I'm sick.
Me: No, you're not sick, you're perfect!
Maisie: Maisie's perfect AND Mama's perfect.
Me: Awwww... What about Baba, is Baba perfect too?
Maisie: Nooooooo Baba's not perfect, Baba's old!!

Bwaahahahaha, I love it especially since Eammon is 3 years younger than I, yeah Maisie!!

P5020009a1 Back in August '06 I posted that my car reached 188,000 miles, I had been averaging 3,600 miles per year and was paying $2.64/gal for gas. Now with all of Maisie's activities I've almost doubled my annual mileage averaging 6,800 miles per year. Just minutes before 11 this morning, I clocked 200,000 miles on my car. I think it's sort of cool reaching 200K miles especially considering that I probably put 95% or more of those miles on the car. The other big change from twenty-one months ago is that today petrol was $3.42/gal...OY!!

Since my post linked above had a few whinges in it, I've decided to add my whinge of the day to this post. I have an appointment this afternoon and I called the office to get directions. I was told to take highway XX, get off at exit XXX, take a left and then at the second red light take a right and they would be immediately on the right. Well what happens if after getting off at the exit I only encounter green lights, do I keep going until I count out two red lights and then, will they really be there immediately on my right when I'm eighteen traffic signals down the road?? Yes, I know I'm being silly but it's just a pet peeve. Just for good measure here's another pet peeve. When someone tells me that they are the last yellow house on the road. Well thank you very much, now I have to drive by their house, all the way to the end of the road only to turn around to find the last stinking yellow house on the street...especially wonderful when paying $3.42/gal for petrol.

I've been bad about taking pics of Maisie but hopefully this weekend I'll get some nice ones. We have a fun weekend planned as we are heading up to Chattanooga, TN to have a Day out with Thomas the Tank Engine. Maisie loves Thomas and trains in general so I'm hoping for a good day. I've been talking up the whole event, about riding on the train and meeting Sir Topham Hatt so I'm just hoping that seeing a full-size Thomas with giant eyes and a huge mouth doesn't freak her out. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
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