Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sunday at the apple orchard

942170_10151920419036663_506216704_nThree years ago I took Maisie for a day at the apple orchard and we had so much fun and wanted to return but it wasn’t until this past weekend that we made it back.  To avoid the crowds we headed out early so to arrive just after they opened which worked out perfectly as it was cool and gorgeous and Maisie was able to do all the activities she wanted before it got busy.  

1237529_10151928824856663_846828712_nIt’s always fun to get up on the big tractors.

1234694_10151928824306663_750543948_nOur first stop was the new mini golf course.

1235407_10151928824556663_770051166_nCute little country displays around the course.

541795_10151928824171663_647554808_nThe slide wasn’t quite as exciting as when she was four but she still enjoyed it.

1004860_10151928824091663_1629068068_nVery slow zip lines are also more fun when you’re younger but Maisie made the best of it.

534299_10151928823526663_372226104_nI think this horse in the petting zoo shrunk, it seemed a whole lot bigger the last time she was on it.

1235976_10151928823851663_1668266592_nMaisie enjoyed holding a baby chick, so very soft.

1238924_10151928823641663_1166588186_nSo was the sweet little kitten. 

969316_10151928823741663_792413068_nThe little goats loved eating from her hands.

557194_10151928823246663_458360303_nLast visit Maisie was too small to ride the big pedal cars so she was happy this time to go round and round the track.

1234242_10151928823316663_2009744237_nMy cutie-patootie on the hay rooster.

1239788_10151928823116663_1083844359_nMaisie got to sit up front with the driver going through the orchard.

photoSitting tall on the young steer.

1238275_10151920637616663_1219261343_nWhat’s a day in the south without a good pig race?  We had a nice day, enjoyed a picnic lunch, picked some apples and bought some treats before heading home.

I couldn’t help but look back at our last visit to the orchard, it’s fun to see Maisie three years ago enjoying the same activities and to see how much she’s grown.  She’s my big girls now!  I love that back then she wanted to match her Mama.  I just want to go squeeze her with hugs.

IMG_33613She was so young…and there were a lot less lines on my face.

IMG_33683My the kittens were big back then.

IMG_33772See how much bigger the horse was back then too!

IMG_34013Feeding the animals was fun then and now.

IMG_34162Slide was much more exciting back when she was four.

IMG_34243So was the slow zip line.

IMG_34333The bull actually was a lot bigger three years ago as this year the bull was a just a mere child at two years old.

Hope that it’s not another three years before we return as we really did have a wonderful day.

New Maisie “safe” recipe for Creamy Mac & Cheese posted today over on Cook Lisa Cook as part of my Improv Cooking Challenge.  This recipe is wheat, egg and dairy free and Maisie loved it and was delighted to be eating one of her old favorite meals.  I added some sweet Italian sausage, one of her current faves to give her some extra protein.  Click on the link or the picture to be taken to Cook Lisa Cook and the recipe.

Mac & Cheese M-safe2




Monday, September 09, 2013

Relaxing weekend

photo Maisie started her weekend Friday morning with a visit to Tony to get all the kinks worked out of her back and body.  All the hours she puts in at the gym take their toll and Tony’s great at making everything feel loose and good again. 

Saturday began with gymnastics practice and then Maisie spent some time tapping and singing her recent favorite song, The Cup Song from Pitch Perfect.  Lately, I swear that if she’s not flipping and doing gymnastics, she’s tapping a cup. 

photo 1 Saturday afternoon was gorgeous so Maisie and Eammon spent sometime at the pool and then we enjoyed the evening relaxing on the deck.

photo 2 Maisie’s favorite part of the night was enjoying lots of roasted marshmallows. 

3ebfcafe18fe11e383e322000aa8200d_7 Sunday was another relaxing day, starting with a little time at the pool.  Then mid-afternoon Maisie was back in the gym as her new floor routine was being choreographed.  The music and the routine are both really suited to Maisie and she loves it.  I can’t wait to see it all put together and her competing with it. 

After a good weekend little Maisie’s ready to be back on schedule for another full week of school and gymnastics practice.

Finally, I posted a new recipe over on Cook Lisa Cook.  Today is my Secret Recipe Club reveal day and this month I made some absolutely delicious Carrot & Sweet Potato Pancakes which we managed to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as snacks as they were so wonderful.  Click on the picture or the link to be taken to Cook Lisa Cook and the recipe.



Wednesday, September 04, 2013

School days and timeline presentation

1236817_10151895558281663_325614613_n Maisie is just loving school and already has had a fun project to do and present.  Maisie adores presenting projects and through her school years has done quite a few.  In first grade she presented as Abe Lincoln, then sang her way through her Water Cycle presentation and finally baked and ate her way through her Landform presentation.  In third grade Maisie did a Timeline presentation of her life from birth to her present day and then she did a huge presentation as Anne Frank

This week Maisie made and presented another timeline, a six-point Timeline of Her Life, Past, Present & Future

I only had my iPhone with me to record so a bit difficult to hear.  It was fun seeing all the children present and oh-so interesting to hear what they see for their future.  They all did a great job with their timelines and presentations. 

Our garden has been overflowing with long beans and one of my favorite ways to prepare them is my recipe, Long Beans with Garlic .  Such a simple and delicious preparation.  I generally make these with butter but lately have been using ghee or coconut oil instead and they’re just as wonderful.  Click on the link or the picture to be taken to Cook Lisa Cook and the recipe.

Long beans with garlic


Sunday, September 01, 2013

Two weeks down

I have to say, Maisie's first two weeks of school wiped me out. Wow is it ever difficult to get back into the school routine after three months off. Maisie's loving school, being back with her classmates and she's especially loving being a fourth grader in Miss. Vicki's class. It's going to be a great year.


Maisie's done better than I in getting back into the groove but a week and a half in it caught up with her too, and she enjoyed a little power nap on the way to the gym.


Weekends for Maisie have been fun, play dates and time at the pool, trying to take advantage of the last of the warm summer days. I though have been busy finishing up our re-landscaping project and every time I say that I'm finished I see "just one more thing" that I want to do. Needless to say I've been remiss in taking pictures of both Maisie and the yard but hoping to do better with both.


Today we were going to venture up to Chattanooga and Rock City but the forecast wasn't promising so Maisie chose instead to go the aquarium where armed with an iPhone, she took a couple hundred pictures. My favorites though we're the ones which included her.


Oh yes, my hair bow shunning girl has now decided that headbands with big poofy flowers are de rigueur. With or without I think she looks adorable.


Maisie and I did do a bit of cooking together and made yet another batch of Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Treats with Vanilla Coconut Frosting. She totally loves them, her new favorite treat. Click on the link to be taken to Cook Lisa Cook and the recipe.



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