Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How long can we play?

We didn’t break our 10.5 hour long play date record but playing together today for 8.5 hours wasn’t too shabby.  Yes these girls love to play together and not one single trauma, drama or disagreement.

When we first arrived at Lisa & Briana’s home the little girls immediately disappeared up to Bri’s playroom and it wasn’t until they got hungry for a snack that we saw or heard from them…Gotta love that playroom!

After a snack and a little more playtime we all sat down for a nice little lunch courtesy of Lisa and then the little girls played down near us for a while.

IMG_7610e There was a lot of cuteness

IMG_7616eand game playing.

Then since it was a gorgeous day outside Lisa asked the girls if they wanted to play in the sprinklers and both girls immediately jumped up to get changed into their swimwear.

IMG_7619eLisa gave each of the girls a squirt tube.

IMG_0080Friends so cute together.  (photo by Lisa F.)

IMG_7629eMaisie loved the squirt tube and I know what we’ll be purchasing later this week.

IMG_7639aRunning through the sprinklers was great fun too.

IMG_7634e1Out came some noodles.

IMG_7669eFollowed by umbrellas.

IMG_7680eThen a change of umbrellas.

IMG_7695eWith the umbrellas we couldn’t tell if the girls were trying to get wet or stay dry.  It didn’t matter because they just had so much fun.

IMG_7685eTwo little cuties. 

IMG_0126Of course no day is complete for Maisie unless it includes a little bit of gymnastics.  (photo by Lisa F.)

IMG_7710After a very busy day of play everyone was tired but hungry so we headed out for dinner at Pacific Spice.  Maisie gobbled down a full, large serving of seaweed salad and the “I don’t eat things that are green” Briana even dared a taste!!  Our dinner held quite the variety, the girls shared Chinese pan-fried dumplings and chicken lo-mein, Lisa enjoyed sushi and I had Thai massaman curry, all delicious.

It was a super fun day and though Maisie struggled to stay awake during the drive home, she did and now I’m hoping for a good night’s rest…for both of us.  Thank you Lisa & Briana for having us over to play and for lunch and we look forward to our next time together…which isn’t too far off!! 


  1. What a fun day!!! I love how much our girls enjoy being together. And their mamas too. :D

    Thanks for such a fun day and please come do it again soon!

    (I love that last picture. Melts my heart.)

    (I am so proud of my girl for trying the seaweed salad. And even more for keeping a smile on her face doing it.)

  2. Those girls are just too cute for words! And man, when you gals do a play date, you don't mess around! Puts our play dates with Anne & Rachel (around three hours at most) to shame. LOL!

  3. You girls always have fun, always! Love it. Big hugs from your tired Disneyland friends. :-)


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