Friday, May 06, 2011

Celebrating Miss. Lisa

I can’t believe it but this was Maisie’s penultimate week of school and since it was also teacher appreciation week it was time to honor and celebrate her awesome, couldn’t have asked for better, first grade teacher Miss. Lisa.  We are going to miss having her as a teacher next year but Maisie is very excited to be heading to second grade and Miss. Patti’s classroom.  Recently Maisie has been counting down her school days, not because she wants to be out of school but because she’s counting the days until she’s a big second grader!

IMG_7088aYesterday the children in Maisie’s class gathered to surprise Miss. Lisa with a little party.  The children all enjoyed Smarties, Dum Dums, chocolate caramel candies and chocolate caramel cupcakes, Miss. Lisa’s favorite!  The class gave Miss. Lisa a box of gourmet chocolates all of which contained her favorites of caramel and nuts, they all signed a pretty card and also gave her the perennial favorite gift, a gift card.  I saw a great idea here for a little teacher appreciation gift and knew that it was something that Maisie and I could easily do. It was fun and easy to make and I think it came out adorable.  Lisa really seemed surprised and delighted with her gifts and party.


  1. Your basket turned out great!

  2. Awe, you guys are awesome! That was super cute and I'll bet she loved it.

    I took Linlee's three teachers Starbucks about midday when they would need a pick-me-up and they all seemed quite pleased. Gotta love the teachers!


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