Friday, May 20, 2011


Not that I can do a split at all…but Maisie finds them soooooo easy.

IMG_7555But to then put one foot up a few inches (4-inches for the mattress) making your legs split beyond 180 degrees…well that just hurts me to see it.

IMG_7559 And to push herself even further (11.5-inches to the top the beam) and to smile while doing it…Oh my!!

Fridays are conditioning days for Maisie at the gym, three hours of stretching, exercising, drills and endless minutes of oversplits.  Maisie finds all the conditioning fun and because she gets to work with the older girls, Fridays are Maisie’s favorite day at the gym.

Looking at todays pictures brought back memories of Maisie and her PJ’s so here’s a little walk down memory lane.IMG_5291My sweet girl back in February 2009 when she was obsessed with her Little Einstein PJ’s, so much so that I had to go and purchase a second pair as they were the only PJ’s that she wanted to wear.  She’s far outgrown her love of the Little Einsteins but she hasn’t yet outgrown the PJ’s.  Considering that they were on the sale clearance rack when I purchased them, I certainly got my moneys worth.


  1. Ouch indeed! LOL! Yikes - she doesn't seem to mind but it certainly doesn't look to comfy. :D

  2. Oh my goodness! I love how Maisie is just beaming away like what she is doing is no big deal. That child is amazing!

  3. Ouch for sure!!

    What fun that you have so much gymnastics equipment in your home for Maisie to enjoy! You can see by these pics that her eyes light up and twinkle when she's doing gymnastics. It's great that at a young age she's found something that she enjoys so much!


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