Friday, September 15, 2006

Bloggy tour of homes week 7

This week in the bloggy parade of homes we're looking at bonus rooms. So, I'm going to give you a peek inside of not only the bonus room but also Eammon's office. These are the two rooms that Eammon claims as his space. What that means to me is that other than to vacuum and dust, it's not my place to mess with or clean up anything in these rooms.

gym2 The room over the garage is set up as Eammon's gym. It's a nice large, bright space with a skylight. My favorite part of this room is the huge 9' x 16' walk in storage room at the far end of the room, and trust me, that is MY space! It's a great space to store future Baby S clothing, toys & gifts as well as all the holiday decorations, suitcases and a myriad of other things.

office3 This is Eammon's office, but these are older pictures. As I said, all I do is dust and vacuum when I can actually make my way into the room and the way it looks now, I wouldn't want to display on my blog. Actually it isn't all that bad it's just that he's working on so many projects, there's just a lot of paper everywhere.

office1 There are really only two differences in the room now. The curtains that are in the picture were left by the previous owner and have been changed to a valance made out of blue, grey and white sailcloth. The other change is the small T.V. seen in the picture has been moved to the gym and he has a new larger T.V. along with a nice unit that matches the bookshelf.

office2 Eammon loves Sponge Bob and Patrick and not only does he have these pillows at home to snuggle with while sitting in his giant chair, he also has a duplicate set of pillows in his office. What he does with them there, you'll have to ask him!

I like the nautical theme in this room with the Chelsea Ship's Bell being my absolute favorite piece in the room. This clock came from my Maternal Grandfather and based on its serial number, it was made somewhere between 1940-1944 and I've just always loved this clock.

That concludes this week's tour, join me next Friday when we look at our back yard.

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  1. Okay, early bird!

    You've gotta love having all that space.

    I am one little soul in my house but ALWAYS looking for more storage. I have the nerve to say I'm not a pack rat ;0)

  2. Oh my ...there's more?!

    Can you adopt me? :) You certainly have the room. And I can cook. ;)

  3. I'm loving the bloggy tour of the homes. So fun. I wanted to mention that I LOVE the giraffe painting at the end of the hallway in a previous post. So my style! Your daughter will be one lucky kiddo. Surrounded by beauty...

  4. Oh I like the nautical theme too. I'm a huge sucker for anything having to do with the sea. :-)

  5. Your bonus room certainly looks a lot cozier then most I've been in. Really like the nautical theme.

  6. Where are you?? Not like you not to post for a while. Are you freaked out that you just may get your referral this week? I hope you are ok............


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