Friday, August 25, 2006

Bloggy tour of homes week 4

Kitchen11.0 This week in our tour we're taking a look at kitchens. I think that the reason our home was on the market for as long as it was, was the previous state of the kitchen. At the bottom of this post I have pictures of how the kitchen looked the day we did our pre-purchase home inspection compared to how it looks today. I do have to say, it was in a sad state. The cook top only cooked on high, the microwave took 8 minutes to heat a cup of water and the refrigerator leaked. The original colors were yellowish tile on the floor, green and off white tile on the counter tops, the cabinets were beige with oak trim and the wall paper which by the time we purchased the house had been painted white, was originally pink.

Kitchen4 One of my favorite parts of the kitchen is the back splash. The 1-inch slate tiles match so well with the granite countertops. The granite color is called blue pearl and has these speck in it, which when seen in certain lights, glow blue, silver or gray. I also love the decorative tiles in the back splash as well as the stainless steel rack which helps break up the wall space. If you look closely in the pig's pitcher, you'll see that there are wooden giraffe salad forks.

Kitchen5 In my previous home post I spoke of my chair fetish, well the kitchen sports some fun chairs too. These teapot chairs (and table) were made by my blacksmith friend George Martell. It's rare that we sit at this table as generally we eat at the breakfast bar, which sports coffee cup stools.

kitchen6 Eammon has two favorite parts in this room. Well, actually four favorites with the freezer that magically provides food and the microwave which cooks all food. Honestly though, one of his favorites parts is the view. When I first brought Eammon to look at the house, he walked in the front door and out this set of kitchen doors and said yes. He didn't even realize that there were rooms upstairs. He fell in love with the view and said if I wanted the house, to go for it. These French doors in the kitchen are the ones that the geese and ducks generally knock at when they want to be fed, so they are always somewhat dirty with peck marks.

Kitchen7 Eammon's other favorite feature in the kitchen is the instant hot water tap, just what every good Brit needs when tea time rolls around. Sorry that the pictures aren't better, we get such great light with all the windows, but it makes picture taking very difficult.

Below are some before and after pictures of the kitchen. I tried to pair up the pictures to first show how the kitchen looked before we purchased our home, on the day of our pre-purchase home inspection, followed by the same view today.  Just a little difference in the look.

Kitchen before1Kitchen11.0kitchen before 21kitchen9

I've gone back into the past weeks posts and added some before pictures, also from the day of the home inspection. It's always fun to see how the rooms have changed. Enjoy!

Well, that concludes this week's tour, join me next Friday when we look at bathrooms.

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  1. Hey that looks familiar!!!

  2. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Nice! ; )

  3. Your kitchen looks great! I love the funky chairs!!

  4. Oh wow Lisa. I loved your kitchen the moment I stepped foot in it (it didn't hurt that you cook like a pro chef and kept us fed!). It is so gorgeous and comfy in there and I'm with "Amen", I love the hot water thingy. But after seeing those before pics....well, you deserve a hug and a high five for what you've done for that house. Jeesh- it was awful before. Oh, and I was never a big fan of granite countertops before your house. Always seemed too busy and weird looking for me. But I fell in love with what you chose- I like how it sparkles. Imagine that!

  5. Gorgeous! (And if I lived around there I bet my favorite part would be the freezer too, mmm, mmmm)

  6. Uh...can I come and live in your kitchen? It is so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Wow, that is beautiful. You had a great vision. I love the tile backsplash over the stovetop. and the windows are wonderful.

  8. Beautious kitchy! I love the open space and your countertops are awesome.

    You performed a small miracle in the re-do!

  9. Your kitchen is amazing!

  10. I just love the windows in your kitchen!

  11. I love the big open feel almost like you're dining alfresco- very inviting.

  12. Wow, Lisa I love what you did with it. It looks awesome!

  13. You are one decorator woman!!! I can just see me sitting on the far right stool as you teach me to make Indian food... I will call with that phone number...



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