Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Babies, babies, babies!!!

Three of my wonderful friends, all of whom we had wanted to travel with because our LID's were only one day apart, received their referrals today.

Local adopters Elizabeth and Jeff have a beautiful daughter You Fu Jian, soon to be known as Eliza. She was born December 28, 2005 and is currently residing at the Fu Ling District Social Welfare Institute in the Chongqing Province. She will hopefully be home soon to meet her older brother Slayden and younger brother Shipley. Follow along on their journey to Eliza on their blog Eliza's Journey Home.

Heather and Billy, also local adopters received their referral for the lovely daughter You Fu Bi, soon to be Lela Rose. She was born December 20, 2005 and is also currently residing at the Fu Ling District Social Welfare Institute in the Chongqing Province. I know that her older brother Jack is very excited to have a new sister. Follow along on their blog for more information on Lela Rose.

Last but not least is my Utah buddy Tiffany who just received her referral for her adorable daughter Zhou Ran, soon to be Eliza Michelle ZhouRan. She was born Feb 20, 2006 and is in the Neimenggu Province (Inner Mongolia). Follow along as Tiffany travels to her daughter by visiting her blog.

Congratulations to everyone who received their referral this month. To see more referrals and follow along as people travel to their children, please check out the "We have our Referral" and "We're in China" links in my side bar.

And oh by the way, Eammon and I are NEXT!!!!


  1. Lisa, hi, we haven't "met," I'm an a-mom in SLC and I clicked into your blog from Tiffany's comment page because I really don't want to tackle the work on my desk and saw those cute Fulingers and wanted to share this link with your friends:

    I too have a beautiful daughter from Fuling and am wondering if your friends' agency messed up the names: all Fuling kids are family name Fu, thengenerational name You (that changes, my Fu girl is Fu De Xin), then final character is there individual symbol, but anyhoo, lovely lovely Fu girls.

    Ellie (Hunan), YuYu (Nanning, Guangxi), Mimi (Fuling, Chongqing), Nora (Guilin, Guangxi)

  2. Oh man I just love seeing all the new babies!!!

  3. Now that's a post that will put a smile on anyone's face! BABIES, BABIES, BABIES....Love 'em!

  4. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Life is good!

  5. Lisa,
    Even after coming home I lookforward to you, M3, and a few others who have such a heart for adoption! I can't tell you how much I love looking at all the new referrals! It's still so exciting. I am really looking forward to seeing "MY BABY" posted on your blog!


  6. Thanks so much for posting these links! I'm so happy for these families.

    And, you're NEXT!!

  7. 2 Eliza's...how cute! Can't wait to add 'M' to the mix!!!


  8. Thinkin of you! So hoped for a bit more of August to be allocated. But you are sooo right - YOU ARE NEXT! M3 reckons that's the best way - coz you know it's without doubt NEXT MONTH! :)
    Gorgeous babies, 2 Eliza's! That's funny!!!
    Just a few short weeks til we see BabyS!!!

  9. WOW, it must be awesome to know that you are next!

  10. Anonymous8:59 AM

    There are some good lookers in this bunch, arent there? I want to kiss all of them!

  11. Lisa your next!!!!!!!!!!!! so, so excited for you. I cant wait to celebrate your referral.

    I sat in on the referral calls for the ga pics by the way, very cool!

  12. What beautiful babies! You are next - so exciting!


  13. Hey Lisa -- Just wanted to comment that I'm so excited that you and Emmon are NEXT!!!! Your time is almost here. Thanks for posting the other referrals -- Our daughter is from Fuling also. Can't wait to see Baby S little face all over your blog!!!

    Tonia from Our Fuling Princess Blog

  14. YAYYYYY!!!!
    How exciting!
    Peace and Babies

  15. You're next, next, next, next, next, next, next, next.......... Woo-hooo!!! =)


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