Friday, September 01, 2006

Bloggy tour of homes week 5

WCe This week in the bloggy tour of homes we're taking a look at bathrooms. We have four bathrooms, two up and two down, all of which I really don't care for but I'll try to say something positive about each. They all have this bad 80's look to them and are in desperate need of a gut rehab which we'll get to one day, but for now we make due. To the left is the door to the downstairs guest bath. The door is rather narrow and for some reason no one could find the bathroom thinking this was a closet or something.  So to keep the guests out of the Master bathroom, I put up these cute metal signs.

3 downstairs.0 The only changes we've made to this bathroom is the addition of the cute round mirror and of course the giraffe hand towels. This bathroom does have a fun shape to it, being a very small seven sided room. In the winter this is the warmest bathroom in the house as it's the only one without a skylight. It also has an in-ceiling heater and since it's such a small room it's warm almost instantly.

2 master.1 I do have to say, the worst bathroom in the entire house is the Master. It does have a nice large corner shower which we enjoy but there is a very deep Jacuzzi tub which is on a 45 degree angle in the corner, just wasting space and it's so big we never use it. This bathroom only has one sink and for some reason the sink is very low. The little separate room with the toilet isn't too bad as it has its own window so it's bright. The main space of the bathroom has a large glass block window and a sky light so it too is a very bright room. This bathroom also has a ceiling heater but since the room is so much larger than the guest bath it never gets quite as warm. To this room we have done nothing!! The room needs so much help, we're just waiting until we can pull everything out and start all over again. The best part of the room is the lovely flower arrangement made by my friend Teresa that helps fill up some of the wasted space behind the tub.

It's funny, the two least used bathrooms in the house, the upstairs guest bath and the upstairs hall bath have had the most work done to them. Both of these bathrooms have skylights, so once again they are nice and bright. Both rooms originally had wallpaper but we had that removed and painted the walls and cabinets and changed the light fixtures.

5 upstairs hall.0 The sage room is the hall bath and it's good sized with a shower, vanity sink and toilet. The skylight in this room faces west so when the sun is shining, as you can tell by the sunspot on the wall, it's very bright.

4 guest.0 The guest bedroom bath, I would have to say, is the nicest bathroom in the house. It's painted the same color as the guest bedroom, has a nice big vanity, toilet and a tub/shower combo. Well, I'm glad this week is over because of all the rooms in the house, these four are my least favorite.

That concludes this week's tour, join me next Friday when we look at bedrooms.

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  1. I love the little funky bathroom downstairs and the guest bathroom upstairs. I esp love the paint color in that bathroom. I'll always remember the little bath downstairs as the one where I almost had a heart attack in your house in the middle of the night!

  2. Note to self: never try to wallpaper a 7-sided room! Ah well, I'm not much on wallpaper anyway.

    Hey, I wanted to see a picture of that tub. I adore my mondo tub.

  3. Looks great, love the signs on the door.


  4. Ok, my favorite thing was that little round mirror - love it!! Oh, and we have 4 bathrooms too and use every one. :-)

  5. 4 bathrooms!!! Wow!!! Very smart. Right now I am wishing I didn't live in a very old house.

    I love this house tour thing, BTW!


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