Saturday, September 02, 2006

Focusing on the positive

Just like everyone else, we're sick of this endless wait. Based on the recent referrals and Tuesday's call from our agency telling us it's time to re-do the home study, doctor visits, DHR background check, fingerprints, I-600A and I-171H, it doesn't appear that we'll be receiving our referral this month. So we'll do what we have to do but mainly we'll focus on the positive, our upcoming holiday. Soon we'll be away from all the rumors and craziness of the wait, enjoying nine days of all-inclusive fun in the sun in Barbados.

Today I went shopping for sun lotion and didn't even glance at the baby products or look at any cute baby clothing, as they're not even on my radar right now. I'm trying really hard to only focus on the positive. I have my beach bag all ready, enough lotion in all the factors that we each like and I'm already dreaming about relaxing and swimming in crystal clear water. Last time we were in Barbados I went out on a catamaran and was able to swim with sea turtles. Maybe I'll do it again and possibly even convince Eammon to join me.

So based on these pictures from our last beach holiday, can you guess who wears the factor 4 and who wears factors 8, 15 and 30? I'll bet you'd be wrong in your guess though.

Eammon, a.k.a. white boy, begrudgingly wears factor 4 and if I could find it, he'd love to wear factor 2. How this English/Irish blue eyed boy sits in the sun all day long and doesn't burn is beyond me. If he does get a little pink, he might put on a little factor 8 but would never think of using the 15 or 30, those are all mine!!


  1. Stinks to have to redo paperwork, just when you think you are smooth sailing in the waiting part.

    Sounds like a nice trip! Have fun in the sun! I'm a 30 spf kinda gal.

  2. Your trip sounds like a wonderful idea to me. I'd love to be at the beach right now! Have a great time.

  3. I'm a 45 kind of girl, myself. Have a great trip!

  4. I use 60 even if they say that anything over 30 works the same. I am a fair skinned redhead and I need all of the help I can get!

    Have a wonderful trip!

  5. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Hunh! Every Brit I know (happily) turns that painful pink you see as they see the sun (in Florida of course) for the first time in months. Like Moles, they are.

  6. Wow, I wish I were on my way to a beach vacation. It's already getting cold here and the leaves are falling. Ugg. Yesterday my son told me that outside it smelled like Halloween.

    p.s. I use the 30-45 stuff myself ...

    Julie B.

  7. a deserved trip, no doubt! Enjoy yourselves and come back ready for that referral- it won't be long now!

  8. Hee-hee!!! My DH is the same way - although he does wear like a 45 (and burns) but even if he wears a milder block - no color....I on the otherhand like to not believe in sunscreen, though age is telling me - better use it. We are taking off for the Keys in a few weeks - we want to escape the madness too!! :) Some sun - fun, and lots fun little island drinks are just what the doctor ordered.

  9. What a fun trip!!! You had me with the sunscreen... I would have guess differently!! Yuck about the re-do... waste of time and money!!!


  10. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Hope you have a great, relaxing trip! Sorry you have to redo paperwork, but try not think of all that on vacation -enjoy! (and thanks for commenting on my blog!)


  11. Oh! I remember that trip from LAST YEAR! OMG. It's like deja vu! I can't believe we don't have our babies YET! Who would have thought?!

    Yup, redoing the paper work really stinks. I'll be redoing it right behind you, unfortunately!

    Have a wonderful time in Barbados! Lucky duck!

  12. Okay, you're right, I guessed wrong. I had you totally pegged as the SPF4 in the house. Shows what I know.

    I'm glad you have the trip to look forward to. I just wish it was for a family of 3 this time!!! Soon enough girlfriend, soon enough!

  13. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Someone is getting a tan!

  14. Have a wonderful, relaxing and fun time. Vacation sounds like a dream come true right now! (Fellow 30+ SPFer.)

  15. Have a great vacation! Sounds like so much fun! Don't even think about paperwork while you are gone! By the way, I wear 50spf.

  16. Have a wonderful time my tanned friend!!!

  17. Hoping you have a wonderful vacation! Soak up a lot of sun and tropical drinks! Looking forward to hearing about what you think of Barbados. Never been there and always looking for new places to check out~


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