Monday, September 25, 2006

August secret pal revealed

My wonderful, crafty and generous August secret pal is none other than Michele!

Michele, you've been a great pal over the past seven months and we've loved everything that you've sent to us and Baby S. Each month I looked forward to your packages as they really made the wait so much more bearable and truly even enjoyable. This month your gift was of course no different, we love the giraffe rattle and the precious outfit, it is soooo cute! I'm so honored that you sent one of your beautiful Ava Totes, it's so pretty I love the fabric and can't wait to use it. I also love the ladybug bookmark, I'm always reading so it's the perfect gift for me and I know that I'll use it all the time and think of you. I love the little tags that you made and added each month. I've saved all of them and will be adding them to Baby S's scrap book.

This has been a great week and it's only Monday!! Finding out that Eammon and I will be receiving our referral next month, so many of our friends in China with their children and even more getting their referrals this week, your package just topped it off!! Remember, you're almost up for your referral too and I can't wait to get a picture of Ava for the beautiful frame that you sent. I hope that once we have our little ones home, we stay in touch and hopefully one day we'll be able to meet. Thank you again for being such a wonderful pal.

If anyone would like to see all the wonderful things that Michele sent to us and Baby S, just click on the links to see what she sent each month: March, April, May, June, July, August

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  1. Lisa, we're out of town, so we can't come to the Sept. Adopters get together, but of COURSE we checked on referrals and our first thought was you. I'm glad your not too upset about missing it by one day, but if there's anything you need to do, you better get busy, because you only have ONE month, Lady!!

    Sorry, we won't see you during this exciting time!!
    Georgia and Jeff


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