Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Paper chasing again!

Nope not for number two, just doing it all over again for number one. Man this wait stinks...focus on upcoming holiday, focus on upcoming holiday.

  • I've downloaded the re-filing information pack from our agency.
  • I've filled out and sent off the child placement services and fee agreement along with the credit card authorization form so that we can have our home study updated.
  • I've filled out the DHR release & request for information form and have that ready to mail.
  • I've written a cover letter to the USCIS Adoption Unit explaining why we need to re-apply and asking them to please attach our recently re-printed fingerprints to this new file.
  • I've filled out and downloaded the I-600A from USCIS.
  • Tomorrow I'll go get a money order for that fee.
  • I've gathered all the necessary documents; previous I-171H, fingerprint verification pages, marriage certificate, birth certificates and passports and will get those all photocopied later today or tomorrow.
  • Eammon had a physical scheduled for today so he took our adoptive family health forms to be filled out by our doctor.
  • Tonight I'll get Eammon to sign his name to all the necessary documents.


  • Tomorrow everything will be mailed off and this mini paper chase will be finished...Except for having the actual home visit from the social worker and stalking the postman waiting for our new I-171H.

Our original I-171H expires on December 26th so I'm hoping that this is all for naught because I can't even fathom that we won't be back with Baby S by then......focus on upcoming holiday, focus on upcoming holiday, think positive, focus on holiday...I'm trying here!!


  1. I so hope this IS all for naught.

    Better safe than sorry but this wait more than stinks....it REEKS!

    Even though it is (INHO) a crock to shell out the dough again...at least it will be one less worry on your mind.

    I'm also hoping that the psychology works in preparing then you won't need it. If you had waited....well, you know.

  2. I can't stand it! We will be back before Christmas! (won't we?) Talk to you soon!

  3. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Sometime soon, none of this will matter. The only thing that will matter is your sweet child's face. Keep your chin up!

  4. awe......sorry- this sucks big time.....I hope it is soon.

  5. I am SO sorry. Ugh, what a monumental PITA (pain in the a**).

  6. Ugh! What a lot of work...again!

    So glad you have your holiday to look forward to and leave this rat race (aka paper chase) behind you!

  7. We better be home by Christmas!!! But boy you are on top of it. I am dragging my feet a bit. Not sure why.......

  8. Oh Lisa...well the GOOD thing is that you are just about finished and you'll have nothing to worry about!! Unlike me. I'm still hoping for a miracle! I'm cutting it close with an expiration of Jan. 12, 2007...or am I? WHO KNOWS?! Ugh, can I go on vacation with you?

  9. SUCKS.....really, it just blows me away that you have to do all of this again. If CCAA had to do the type of work you're about to do all over again, I bet they'd put it in high gear!!!!

  10. That's another crappy snag in the whole process. I'm sure I'll have to redo it all again, in fact, the agency told me to pretty much plan on it.

    M3 said it best! Monumental PITA!

  11. I just found your blog through GA Bloggers webring. My husband and I adopted domestic, but it is a pain the keester to say the least. I am praying everything is finished and you will have your baby soon.

  12. Anonymous6:25 PM

    It's going to be for naught! It's going to be for naught!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I am sorry that you have to go through this Lisa.

    I hope that you have a wonderfully relaxing holiday!

  14. Oh. My. God.

    I had no idea that all this was required to update the paperwork. I thought it was just redo a homestudy (simple, just have SW come on over), get refingerprinted by CIS (simple, fill out form, gouge checkbook and stand in line), and get physical (simple, pay 10 bucks and have them notarize standard form again). I did not know that you had to go through all the gathering of documents again and all that hooey. Boy oh Boy.

    vacation is coming, vacation is coming~


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