Saturday, September 09, 2006

Social worker v. Mailbox

Thursday night the social worker (MS) came to our home to do the necessary update for our home study. The visit was to be short because other than Eammon becoming a U.S. citizen and us getting a lot older during the endless wait, nothing has changed. I had our water and sewer bill all printed out for her, she did the house tour again, checked our fire alarms, did the home safety check and told me to fax the doctor reports to her once I received them and then we said our goodbye's.

About two minutes later, Eammon and I were in the kitchen when he asked what was that bang? I hadn't heard anything but when we looked out front, the social worker's car was firmly planted into the side of our mailbox. I feel so bad for MS, she was visibly shaken. Eammon (the Brit) knowing exactly what to do offered and made tea, the elixir that cures all injury and stress. I on the other hand called AAA only to find out that there was at least a 2 1/2 hour wait for a tow. So after numerous calls I drove MS to her friend's home which was nearby and I drove home to then receive a call from AAA telling me the wait would now be 3 1/2 - 4 hours which would put it after midnight. So we decided to leave the car kissing the mailbox for the night and deal with it in the morning. Luckily we're at the head of a cul-de-sac so having a car half way out of the driveway was not an issue or a safety problem.

By the light of day, things didn't look any better but it gave MS the opportunity to contact her insurance and locate the best facility to have the repair work done. Around lunch time the tow truck arrived and carted the car away. Luckily no one was injured and cars and mailboxes can be repaired.


  1. HOLY COW!!!!!! bet you can get this social worker to write everyone in congress to fight the updates!!!! glad nobody was hurt and that it can all be fixed......

  2. Now I know what my Highlander would look like if I ever ran into a mailbox. ;-)

  3. Goodness- guess MS can officially sing that song "had a bad day...."

    That was corny, huh?

  4. Whoops! That sounds like something I would do ;0)

  5. Wow, hopefully she still gives ya a good update!

  6. Oh my! Will you have to find someone else to do your post placements? :-)

  7. Good grief!

    And shame on AAA. 3-4 hours is ridiculous. Fortunately, they are not the only game in town (even though I'm ...a member).

    Er, glad everyone was okay. :]

  8. Yikes! Poor lady, that must have been totally frightening and embarrassing. Glad she wasn't hurt.

  9. Holy moly! She really hit it, didn't she?!!
    Is your letterbox going to be a safety issue now?!!! Poor lady!


  10. What a story to tell Baby S. about the wait. I'm glad everyone took it all so well.

  11. Seems AAA is on the same timeline as the CCAA - just getting longer and longer and longer.....

  12. Oh WOW!!! We have to do all that for the renewal??? This is crap, man!!! So glad the E had the Brit mind to make tea!!! The MS should just pass you guys without the rest of the stuff done.... Have a great trip in a few days!!!


  13. ROTFL! Poor lady, poor mailbox...
    I'm thinkin' your homestudy update will be super shiny!


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