Friday, August 11, 2006

Bloggy tour of homes week 2

Last week we welcomed you to our home with pictures of our entrance and foyer. This week the theme is living rooms/family rooms and dens. As you noticed in last weeks post, when you enter our home, there is no real foyer, you walk right into the living room/dining room space. The original plans for this house called for the dining room to be where we currently have our living room and the living room to be where we have our dining room. I switched this around though as the space originally designated as the dining room is small and I wanted a larger space for all the dining room furniture and since we generally use the family room for us and even when we have guests over, the living room being on the small side didn't bother me.

Livingroom3.0I love that the living room has a half cathedral ceiling and is open to the dining room. The door on the right is a pocket door to the kitchen and the double doors lead to the family room and back hall. I love my red sofa and can't wait until all the local adopters have their babies so that we can take our own red couch picture. I have two other favorite pieces in the room, the antique radio which is next to the kitchen door and the gilded lily table which is in between the two club chairs.

Livingroom2.0 The gilded lily table is from my parents. It is the one piece of furniture from their home, that I always wanted. When they moved to Florida a few years ago, they didn't have a place for the table so it came to us. The radio was in my maternal grandparents home and that was the one piece I had always wanted. I'm not a big antiques person, but I've always loved this radio.

The sofa has a funny story to it. The first time I saw the sofa was in a black and white publicity shot for the show Frasier, in the T.V. guide that comes with the Sunday paper. How I actually saw the sofa though all the cast sitting and hanging on it, I don't know, but I did know that I wanted that sofa. I called the show and spoke to their props department and asked about it and they put me in touch with the company that did the publicity shots who in turn, put me in touch with the company that made the sofa, Galerkin Design. They were so fabulous to work with, they sent fabric swatches and pictures and then shipped the sofa cross country and there you have it, a mail order sofa.

Familyroom.0Our family room is where we spend the most time.

Familyroom above.0I love that it is open to the kitchen and that it is a large two-story voluminous space with lots of windows, a sky light and views. Looking out we see our small back yard, the covered patio, the deck, the dock and the pond.

diamonds on the water.0 There are always ducks and geese in the yard so always something to see out the windows.

Familyroom3.0Eammon's favorite part of the room is the big screen T.V. and that the sofa turns into a recliner. My favorite part in the room is my teapot table and chair set. It was made by a good friend of mine, blacksmith George Martell. He does gorgeous work and I love that we have a custom made piece. I also love the built in book shelves as it gives me a place to display all my stuff without cluttering up tables. At the bottom of the stairs we have a little wet bar and on the door that leads to the garage we have a dart board. I'm better at hitting the door than the board when we play, but it's fun.

Here are some pictures from before we purchased our home, they’re from the day we did our pre-purchase inspection. The first two pictures are the family room. The bottom two pictures are what we currently have as our living room, the previous owners used that space as their dining room.

f family room1f family room2f dining roomf dining2   
Well, that ends today's tour. Check in next Friday to see our dining room.


  1. Wow...beautiful. Can I have the red couch??

  2. I love the red couch story. You were a woman on a mission. It is so nice to be invited into your home each week.

  3. Beautiful home - it looks like it was done by a decorator but is still so warm and inviting and fun.

  4. Your home is so gorgeous! I love all your furniture (that big sofa in the family room is especially comfy!). I love your floors too. Your house looks like a model home!

  5. Anonymous10:21 PM

    So stylin! Why am I not surprised? Love the couch.

  6. Great red couch!!! I keep thinking that RIGHT NOW I could be lounging on that couch with you and Eammon!!! Regrets!!!


  7. Anonymous1:20 PM

    First time commenter (adopted as a child, myself!) and I noticed you have 2 Dala horses on them shelves behind the sofa. I grew up in a small town called Mora, Minnesota that is sister city to Mora, Sweden and we have a HUGE Dala horse in our town. It made me smile to see you had a smaller version of it on your shelf. Have a good day! Pam

  8. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Oh, geez...sorry! I meant THE shelves, not them shelves! Pam

  9. Love the house and love the view! I love water, would love to live near water!


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