Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Slip sliding away............

Eammon has been sick, so this afternoon I took him to the doctor's surgery. He started filling out all the forms but was struggling with them, so he handed them off to me. I am sitting there filling out all the forms and he says to me, "Treacle, don't think I feel so well, not sure if I can sit here too much longer." Just as he finishes saying this, he slowly slips out of the chair and onto the waiting room floor as he quietly passes out. Me being the loving wife that I am, place his extra shirt under his head, then calmly go back to filling in the forms and forging his signature. Well, I figure he can't sign it laying sprawled out on the floor. Once I finished the forms I stepped over Eammon and took them to the receptionist and informed her that my husband was passed out on the floor and asked if there was a more suitable place for him to lay down. I then stepped over Eammon again as I returned to my seat to wait for the nurse and a wheelchair. Hey I figured, he was already on the floor, where was he going to is not like he could fall and hurt himself. I think that the woman sitting across from us watching was ready to jump out of her skin, watching and not seeing me react like she was prepared to do. Once in with the doctor, Eammon was informed that he has the flu and he needs to stay in bed for a few days. Life in our home is never boring!

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