Friday, April 29, 2005

At least one person in the Shanahan home will be fashionably dressed

Now I am not a clothes person, I'm very happy in my tee shirts and Birkenstocks. Poor Eammon, he is a victim of my fashion choices as he hasn't been into a clothing store in over 6 years, but maybe things will be different for our little girl.

This morning, the Episcopal Church of St. Peter & St. Paul held their 2nd annual Sweet P's Arts Festival. Since I was was walking by I decided to take a look. Well I hit upon a booth that was wonderful, and I couldn't resist buying some outfits for baby Shanahan. The children's clothing in this booth was just awesome. Almost all of the clothing was made by Lurlyne Williams and was designed by her daughter, Stephanie. Now here was my dilemma, since we're adopting I have a vague idea of when we'll be traveling to pick up Baby S, but even with that I have no real idea how old she'll be. Sure, we asked for AYAP (as young as possible) but that could be 6 months or it could be 12 months of age at referral. So this is what I did, the outfit in the top picture on the right, I bought size 18 months, the outfit that Lurlyne is holding is size 24 months and the outfit with the hat is a size 3. I figure this way I have baby S covered. Honestly if I could have, I would have bought one of each outfit as they were all so well made and adorable. I was looking at their website and down the road, I am sure I will be purchasing additional outfits for Baby S.

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  1. Oooo...FABULOUS! Why spend $35 on a mental health copay when retail therapy works just as well! (Or better!!!)



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