Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Privacy?? If you want to adopt...No such thing!!

On Tuesday, the social worker emailed asking to change my individual appointment from Thursday to Wednesday. So at 9 a.m. this morning I had my visit with her. It went OK, just over an hour long as she asked questions all about my childhood, schooling, friends, work history, religion, health, family, relationships, ethics, values, blaa, blaa, blaa.

She is very much into examining losses in our lives and how we coped with them. It seemed that she tried to make issues and traumas out of past events, even though they are in the past, done, finished and are neither an issue nor a trauma. In fact most of the things she harped on, hold little or no memory for me.

She wants us to embrace the home study process. I wanted to ask her if she enjoyed her home study process for her child. (She did not adopt, thus no home study.) I have to wonder how anyone can embrace having someone come into your home and inspect it, interrogate your life history and how you were raised, delve into your finances, review your personal health information, critique your marriage and relationships, and then judge your morals, ethics and values. Then on top of it all, you get the privilege of paying this stranger, for doing all these wonderful things for you!

Well, we have one more visit with her next Wednesday, and then that should be it for pre-adoption. I am ready to get this show on the road...I want my little girl!

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