Saturday, April 09, 2005

Pollen count of 3,575...Gee, let's sit outside!

Today Eammon and I were scheduled for our individual visits with the social worker. We woke up to an absolutely gorgeous day and I suggested to Eammon that we do the visit outside so that we could sit and look at the lake and see the ducks and geese as we talked. I had planted my tomato plants, other veggies and herbs in some pots on Friday and though I had wiped off the table it really needed to be hosed off so Eammon did that and then I went out and toweled it dry, and made sure it was dirt and pollen free. Well, the social worker arrived 20 minutes later and she liked the idea of sitting outside so we went out, we sat down and you could have written your name in all the pollen that covered the table. In 20 minutes it looked like a table that hadn't been dusted in a month!

She arrived just before 10 a.m. and had planned to do our individual visits back to back, with approximately an hour for each of us. She said though, that she wanted to talk to us together for "just a couple of minutes", so we all sat down. Seventy five minutes later I was able to leave and Eammon started his individual visit. At just after 12:30 P.M., they came back inside and it was decided that she would do my visit on the date set to do her final wrap-up visit. So, I have a reprieve for a week and a half. Hopefully when she comes next time, she'll do my visit and her little wrap-up visit and we'll be done with all the pre-adoption visits. Then joy of joy, she'll come back post-adoption, for both a 6-month and a 12-month visit.

Eammon has found the visits interesting from the psychology angle, but I find them annoying and intrusive but, I have no choice. I don't mind the social worker, she seems nice enough. I just don't appreciate anyone probing into my life, my finances, my medical history, my morals, ethics and beliefs. Oh well, this too shall pass.

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