Monday, August 19, 2013

First day of fourth grade

1209344_10151862823121663_1010490387_n E How can it be that my wee little Maisie Miao Miao started fourth grade today? Just a few months ago she was my sweet little cue ball cutie. Each year when the school year begins I look back through the blog and after seeing all her first day of school pictures I’m just going to have to accept that my little Maisie Miao Miao is growing up…much faster than I’d like. Oh and yes, she’s wearing the exact same skirt that she wore for the fist day of second grade and the coordinating one to the skirt worn on the first day of third grade!

Maisie had a wonderful first day and like previous years was super excited to tell me all about it when I picked her up from school. As soon as we got home she immediately sat at the counter and completed her homework. Fourth grade is going to be an awesome school year for my girl.

Just like past years, here’s a trip down first-day-of-school-pictures memory lane.

first day 3rd gradeFirst day of third grade.

first day 2nd gradeFirst day of second grade.

first day 1st gradeFirst day of first grade.

First day of kindergartenFirst day of Kindergarten.

Last year on Maisie’s first day of school I posted a new recipe over on Cook Lisa Cook for Thai Curry Shrimp with Shirataki Noodles so I thought since it’s one of Maisie’s faves, I would post it again today. This recipe is super simple to make, has great flavors, is safe for Maisie’s allergies, is low carb and delicious eaten as cold leftovers for breakfast…my favorite way to enjoy it. Click on the link or the picture to be taken to Cook Lisa Cook the recipe.

Thai Curry Shrimp with Shirataki Noodles



  1. Oh wow! Little Maisie is in 4th Grade!!! I can hardly believe it, Lisa. Loved seeing all the 1st day of school pics - I remember all of them! :) Hope she has a fantastic year!

  2. Such a cutie-pie in all those pics! It's been a week now. Is she enjoying her new teacher?

  3. She is so darling. Hoping that she is loving school.


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