Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Friends and giants

Just when I thought that Maisie's back-to-back play dates were over, we managed to sneak another set. Monday morning after Maisie's gymnastics practice her friend Sarah picked her up at the gym and the girls got to play for a few hours. When I picked Maisie up mid-day, the girls were out on the driveway drawing a chalk gym. Do you think they like gymnastics much?


Tuesday we met some new friends when Krista and her girls Becca & Emma came over for lunch and to play. Krista and I have "known" one another for years through our blogs and Facebook but this was our first time meeting in person and for the girls, it took mere minutes before they were off and playing like old friends. They started off in Maisie's bedroom gabbing like teenagers on the bed.


The gymnastics mats came out and they played on Maisie's bar for a while and then the Make-up came out and the girls subtly painted their faces.


The afternoon ended with a movie and popcorn. After so many years of following one another's adoption and seeing the pictures of the children growing up, it was wonderful to meet in person and spend a nice afternoon together.



At the gym Maisie's been working on getting her giants on the strap bar. The last time I saw her working on them, Hardy was assisting her around the bar but this morning he was just spotting her and she was tapping and going round and around herself. Soon she'll be doing them on the regular bar...oh my!


Today I published a new recipe over on Cook Lisa Cook for Tandoori Chicken Wings which are crispy delicious on the outside, moist and tender on the inside and flavorful throughout. Click on the link to be taken to the recipe.





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