Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Final weekend before school begins

Summer seems to have flown by, I can't believe that this coming Monday my wee little Maisie will start fourth grade! Maisie's looking forward to returning to school and seeing her friends again, three months away from them is a long time.


Last week and this week Maisie has had a crazy schedule at the gym. Monday, Wednesday & Friday were 6 hours per day spilt between morning and afternoon practices and Tuesday was her easy day with just a four hour afternoon practice. Seven practices spread over only four days is rough and we are both looking forward to next week when those seven practices will be spread over 6 days and Mondays will be the only day she'll have both morning and afternoon practices. With such an intense schedule, Maisie was pretty tired by Friday so between her morning and afternoon practice, without any prompting from me, she happily crawled into bed and took a nice long nap.


Our weekends have been very busy with double play dates and activities and I knew that we all just needed a day off so I only planned only one thing for the weekend and intended to spend Sunday just chilling and relaxing. Our big plan for the weekend was to have Lisa, Dough & Briana over for dinner Saturday night. It had been a loooong time since we last spent an evening together and we always have such a nice time together it's too bad that it's so long between gatherings but we all seem to have such busy schedules.


Maisie and Briana of course were off playing as soon as Bri walked through the door.


Make-up was of course part of the fun.


The girls stopped their playing just long enough to eat their dinner at their requested private table.


A rare quiet moment of rest in the hammock.


At just past 11PM the adults called it a night and the girls finished their Wii game before hugs goodbye. It was a totally enjoyable evening, the girls played and the adults enjoyed a beautiful evening outside chatting by the flickering lights of the tiki torches and listening to the sound of nature and the laughter of two happy girls. Both girls were worn out by the end of the night and it wasn't even ten minutes after Briana left that Maisie was fast asleep.


Sunday I had planned to sleep late, maybe get a little laundry done but basically I just wanted to be a lump on the sofa. Unfortunately that wasn't to be the case. I had been nursing our dishwasher along for close to a year and Saturday just hours before our dinner party it decided to wash it's final dish and die...after a mere 11 years. So Saturday I had asked my Facebook friends about their love and hate dishwasher info and armed with that, I did some research. By Sunday, one day without my dishwasher was enough so I spent most of the day visiting all the local appliance stores viewing and comparing dishwashers. By late afternoon I settled on the one I wanted and made my purchase. Monday morning it was delivered & installed and I don't think the installers truck was off my street by the time I ran my first load. Thus far I've run two loads and I'm quite pleased with my purchase even though I didn't get my restful Sunday.


Even after a relatively relaxed weekend for my Maisie, she was still tired Monday and on the way to her afternoon practice she completely conked out in the car. A little 20 minute power nap does a girl good.


Saturday night I joked with Lisa saying that between everyone's diets and Maisie's allergies, I would b serving air and water! Instead of such a drastic and tasteless meal I served instead my Chicken Burgers with Spinach & Mushrooms which satisfied the dietary needs of everyone and were delicious to boot. Click on the link to be taken to Cook Lisa Cook and the recipe.






  1. Loved the description of your evening with friends. Sounds perfect. And I hate to say it, but it looks like Maisie's friend has a softer touch with the make-up. She didn't do half-bad! Little Maisie hasn't gotten to the "less is more" stage yet. LOL!

    Glad you like your new dishwasher. I believe I will be spending my Saturday looking at them as well. Oy.

  2. Our evening was wonderful and the food was delish! Thank you again for hosting. And yay to the new dishwasher!!


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