Monday, August 05, 2013

Running, partying & pool fun

Maisie has really enjoyed her Friday morning runs at the gym with the optional girls. This past Friday was the end of summer session so her last Friday morning run. Not all the girls are disappointed to see the end of summer runs but Maisie wishes they'd continue.


Friday morning my Angel Trumpet was almost in full bloom so Maisie checked out the flowers.


At one of Maisie's Wednesday play dates at Alyssa's house they did Shimmer glitter tattoos and Maisie loved them and wanted to do them again so I purchased a kit and Saturday morning I tattooed my girl.

Once Maisie was properly tattooed and glittery, Eammon took her to Briana's birthday party at Sky Zone where she had a blast jumping on the trampolines and being with friends.

Since I didn't go to the party and Eammon didn't take any pictures, I just have the ones that Lisa took.


Happy birthday Bri and thanks for including Maisie.


Sunday was a gorgeous summer day and Eammon and Maisie decided to go to the pool. Maisie wanted a friend to join them so a few back and forth texts and Sarah came over to play.


The girls played for a few hours at the pool and then on the Wii, a fun way to finish the weekend.



Today is my Secret Recipe Club reveal day and this month I made some wonderful Chicken Burgers with Spinach & Mushrooms. They were a huge hit with all of us, even my mushroom & spinach hating Maisie...and she put dibs in on the last burger so that she could enjoy it for lunch the following day! Maisie didn't even notice the mushrooms as they were minced and mixed into the burger and as for the spinach, well she loves salad so I told her it was salad mixed right into the burger...just didn't mention that it was spinach salad ;). Click on over to Cook Lisa Cook and check out the recipe, you won't be disappointed.



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  1. So glad Maisie could make it to the party. The kids had a great time. (Just sent you an e-mail.)

  2. I love that angel trumpet flower. Wow. So glad you are all having fun. I'd love yo try that recipe but some of my family wouldn't even try a tostada I made. Maybe just for me.


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