Saturday, August 03, 2013

Wednesdays with Alyssa

Summer here in Georgia is almost at an end, well summer break that is, I'm sure that the summer heat will continue well into September. Our county, as well as most of the surrounding ones, have the children already back in school or starting this coming week. Maisie doesn't resume school until August 19th so while most of her friends will be spending their days in class, she'll still enjoy a bit more of her summer break. Maisie has truly enjoyed summer break this year, spending it in her favorite place (the gym) and with so many of her friends. One of Maisie's favorite things this summer was her almost weekly, Wednesday play dates with Alyssa. Each Wednesday after Maisie's gymnastics practice I would either drop her at Alyssa's house or we'd pick Alyssa up and bring her to our home and the girls would spend hours together playing.


There was play time in our pool.


As well as play time at Alyssa's pool.


Water gun fights on the patio.


And relaxing time in the hammock.


The girls made themselves even more beautiful with make-up.



And spent lots of time doing hair design.


Lunches were shared.


As we're lots of hugs

Maisie loved her play dates with Alyssa and is sad to see their weekly date together come to an end but we will try to plan some weekend dates each month during the school year so that the girls can continue their fun days together.

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