Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Twenty-eight days and counting

Well, this current batch of referrals matched families with log-in-dates (LIDs) of June 29th through July 13th (remember we're August 10th) so we're getting closer. Currently only 28 days worth of LIDs separate us from Baby S's referral! Back last month in my post I asked everyone to send positive thoughts, prayers, or good vibes so that referrals would speed up to at least 15 days of LIDs per month and it worked! Thank you so much, as this month came through with referrals for 15 days worth of LID's. It's getting somewhat better, still not a full month worth of LIDs, but better than what's happened the past few months. March had only 5 days worth of LIDs producing referrals, 7 days of LIDs for April, 9 days for May and 13 days of LIDs for June, so this month is a step in the right direction and hopefully the number of days will keep increasing.

So, a re-cap of where Eammon and I stand right now. We have only 28 days left before CCAA reaches our LID. If CCAA at the minimum, matches 14 days worth of LIDs for the next two months, we'll receive our referral in September, just days after we return from Barbados! We're really keeping our fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed that our referral isn't any later than September as a referral later than that will mean we have to re-apply for our I-600A, our I-171H and also have an additional home study visit by the social worker. Last week I sent off a letter and money order so that we can be re-fingerprinted and I'm really hoping that the fingerprints are the only thing that needs to be re-done.

I'm asking all our readers out there, once again, please send positive thoughts, prayers, whatever you do to send good vibes so that referrals keep speeding up or at the minimum, are at least 14 days of LIDs per month for the next two months.


  1. We are thinking positive thoughts for you!

  2. We are thinking of you & sending good thoughts for September!

  3. Sending huge good vibes! (Oh, and I bet we can get a little party of good thoughts going this weekend!)

  4. Everything that can be crossed is crossed for you! I can't wait to see her sweet little face! And to learn her name so we can stop calling her Baby S!

  5. Here is a big Ladybug of good luck for you :-)


  6. Good thoughts going out from here. C'mon September!

  7. I'm Sending all my positive thoughts and good wishes your way!

  8. Lisa...I am sending out all the good vibes I can. I hear August isn't "that big"...you never know!! Stay happy - its closer than you think. :-)

  9. Katie Starr and I are sending loads of positive vibes your way. Baby S will be showing her beautiful face very soon!

  10. Anonymous11:38 PM

    sending all the positive thoughts I can for you guys and for US, too! We are 8-11-05 and in the same boat...except we need 15 days...so send that one for us...k??? :) Come on Septemeber....we NEED you! Bobbi (July & Aug DTC friend) By the way...I have those cute Crocs...in black! :)

  11. You are in my prayers. Shell


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