Friday, July 28, 2006

Sort of like pulling teeth

I've been busy trying to get myself organized before my trip to Utah. I've started cooking up some meals and freezing them so that Eammon won't starve while I'm away, I've been getting a few things around the house organized, making sure all the bills are paid ahead of time, trying to get people to RSVP for our upcoming local adopters gathering, some retail therapy, getting my secret pal gifts together, finishing the organization of the August dtc swap, getting out a letter and check so that we can be re-fingerprinted, working hard at avoiding rumors and spending too much time online and finally trying to do some yard work.

First thing this morning I printed off a cover letter to USCIS, asking for an appointment to be re-fingerprinted as ours expire in approximately 20 days. Our bank has recently changed from one to another, so I called them to find out if they still offered free bank checks only to find out that they're now $5 each. So, I called Wally world and for $0.46 I could get a money order. I asked if they would take a personal check for the money order, and they said yes, cash, check or debit card. I had $20 in my purse thanks to my bunco winnings last night but that wouldn't cut it and I don't believe in debit cards so I grabbed my check book, an envelope, a stamp and our current I-171H and headed over to get the required money order. The woman at customer-no-service was ringing things in only to tell me that they couldn't take a check, but that for $3 they could cash my check and then I'd have the cash to purchase the money order. OK, I was there and I didn't feel like running to the bank and burning $3 in gas, so go ahead. She punched stuff into the computer, got frustrated, confused and finally called over a manager. Payroll checks, they only take payroll checks! So it's like 150 degrees outside and wicked humid but I trekked over to the bank ATM and withdrew cash, returned to Wally world and finally got the money order, a photocopy of our current I-171H and I got everything in the mail. Strike another item from my to-do list.

I came home and figured before it got any hotter outside, I'd pull some weeds. The stinking things were having none of it though. Between our current drought and the Georgia red clay the roots of all the weeds were cemented into place. So unless I become King Arthur, those weeds are staying in place until we get some rain. So like it or not, weeds are staying and I'll deal with them when I return from my trip. The good thing about letting them remain is that by the time I go to pull them, they'll be hip height and I won't have to crouch down to pull them out, just walk along and grab them standing upright!

Off to try and get a few more items completed and off my to-do list.


  1. Wow, you're good! I wouldn't have even thought to get food ready for Rod while I'm in Utah. Oh well, he'll be as happy as a pig in mud getting take out tacos every single night. (not even kidding...)

  2. You are so organized!!! You might be hip high in weeds but I am hip high in clutter!!! MUST CLEAN BEFORE YOU COME.... MUST GET OFF THE COMPUTER.... I guess there will be tons of clutter since I can't seem to turn off the internet!!! LOL


  3. Anonymous5:47 PM

    You put Martha Stewart and all the great organizers to shame! You rock!

  4. Cooking meals to freeze for hubby...don't believe in debit cards....godforsaken Ga. red clay!!!!
    I'm sorry, I can't concentrate enough to understand the rest of what you wrote....

  5. Can't wait to hear about Utah. Hope you have a great time!


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