Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The CCAA is moving in the wrong direction

This current batch of referrals matched families with log-in-dates (LIDs) of July 14th through July 22nd, nine stinking, lousy days. I feel like the closer we get, the farther away the finish line gets. With our LID of August 10th we still have 19 days worth of LIDs separating us from Baby S's referral. At this point we could be looking at a referral in November with travel next year! I thought things were getting better, moving in a positive direction with 5 days worth of LIDs producing referrals in March, 7 days of LIDs for April, 9 days for May, 13 days of LIDs for June and 15 days in July. So why are we going backwards with 9 days this month. It was supposed to be at least 14 days worth of LID's this month so that we could get our referral no later than September, but NOooooooo.

This morning CCAI GA showed up on my caller ID and I knew it wasn't good news. Sure enough, time has run out and we need to have a home visit from the Social worker and a home study update, get the doctor to update our medical reports and re-apply for our I-600A and I-171H. Later in the afternoon, the Denver CCAI office called asking how we were doing during the wait and if there was anything they could do to make it easier. Yeah, give CCAA a swift kick in the butt and get them moving so we don't have to waste our time, effort and money on re-doing all this cr*p!

On a happier note, congratulations to all the families who received their referral this month, including my Utah bloggy summit mate, M3 with a referral for twins!! Rose and Marie are darling, Congrats!

Fellow local adopters Ilene & Michael have a beautiful new daughter Xiu Fu Xu, soon to be April Lauren. Born November 28, 2005, Xiushan, Chongqing
Given Name: Xiu Fu Xu Surname Xiu, Fu (Good Fortune) Xu (Warm; Balmy)

Check out all the beautiful new babies, listed in the side bar under "We have our Referral."


  1. I have no real issue with my agency. But, it makes me nuts when I get those emails with 'we haven't heard from you, how can we make the wait easier?' I haven't even responded...to do so would be inane. You haven't heard from me because there is nothing you can do. If there was it would be - get this show on the road and let's get our children home!

    Hanging in there with ya!

  2. You were one of the first people I thought of when the referral batch came out with only 9 stinking day. To be so close, yet still be so far. There is nothing else like this I can even compare this wait to. What else gets further away the closer you get?
    Every month we are closer, we gain at least 2-3 more!!!! WTF??!!!!

  3. Hey Lisa,

    Sorry that the news has you bummed out --- my girlfriend with a LID of Oct 31 was over and we decided that the only reason hearing the bad news was palatable - was we were hooked to M3's site with the entier adoption world ;-)


  4. I can say is I KNOW! This stinks. This has been such a hard month for me. I have to keep chanting to myself...this will happen, this will happen. Say it with me!


  5. Yes this referral batch was especially hard. Only because they went backward by 8 days. I hope the trend next month is up rather than down or I'll really be bummed out.

    Hanging in there with you!

  6. We need to reapply for our I-171H as well. I'm none too happy about this. Our agency called yesterday too to tell us to get on the ball, but I am SO not looking forward to doing it - AGAIN. Ugh.

  7. Yeah, the number of referrals this month has got me down too. I can't imagine how hard it is to be so close, yet feel like it's so far.(Although someday I hope to know). Hang in there!

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  9. 9 measley stinking days!!! WHAT??? Thinking about you with positive thoughts for next month!!!


  10. What a tough spot to be in. The uncertainty is maddening!!! And then more paperwork on top? UGH!!

    On the bright side....Barbados!!

  11. Lisa:

    There is gonna be one big party with your local adopters group once Baby Shanahan finally reveals herself to you :)

    We are still all here waiting with you.

  12. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Hang in there. Your little one will be here soon ( I know, not soon enough!)

    I'm with Melissa in feeling the longer we wait the further away we get...it truly is an experience like no other.

    Thinking of you guys!

  13. I just can't believe how bad the process has gotten Lisa, and am just sick about. Not only for the waiting parents, but for those kids!!! I just hope the CCAA gets its act together soon before it turns off any more prospective adoptive parents. This is just heart-breaking.

  14. Lisa,
    I am so sorry. I was hoping you would make this bunch. I don't know what to say, except that I am thinking of you!


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