Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tell me it isn't so...

It is so here!! Yes! After 36 days our I-171H has arrived!! I was having a lousy day, but now I forgot all about it because we are approved, we are approved dooo-ing the happy dance, dooo-ing the happy dance!!

Earlier today I spoke with Meredith at CCAI, and she said that we had been approved, and that we should receive the *beautiful* approval today or tomorrow, but I was not going to believe anything until I had it in my hot little hands, and now I have it!! YEAH!!

Tomorrow I have my route all mapped out. First I will go to Marietta Square to the Cobb Notary Office, where one person will notarize all the documents, and then another person, in the same office, will certify that the notary is really a notary. Then I will head to downtown Atlanta to the Secretary of State's office and get everything certified. This step will certify that the person, who I paid a fee to, who said the notary is really a notary, is really the person, who is allowed to say the notary is a notary...and for this, I get to pay another fee. Confused yet? Next I will stop in at the bank to get a money order for the Chinese Consulate, and finally, I will get everything photocopied and mailed off to the Chinese Consulate in Houston, to have the Secretary of State's signature authenticated, to say that the Secretary of State, is really the Secretary of State and allowed to sign off on my paperwork. And yes, in case you were wondering, I doooo, get to pay a fee for this too.

Still doing the happy dance...hoping to be DTC sometime in July!!!


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  2. Anonymous9:19 PM

    The blog is such a wonderful thing to keep up with all you and Eammon are going through but seeing you guys next week will be even better!!!!! We can't wait - I am starting to pack now.The kids are excited. Take care and see you soon!! We will have to talk about the "Spanky Bottom" thing, sounds like a cute English nickname to me - love, "Rhonda Rimmer"? (K)

  3. That is so great! I am so darn happy for you!!!!!!


  4. Lisa and Eammon:

    Congratulations...Oh what a feeling! You are almost there. I am very happy for you both.

  5. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Yay!!!!!!! I am so happy for you. Can you hear me yelling and cheering from California? All right! Now hurry, hurry, hurry so we can both be DTC in July. Wouldn't that be awesome? Heehee!!! I'm giddy.

  6. Phew!
    I am very, very happy for you two!!!!

  7. Congrats!! That is awesome. I am an adoptee and I'd like to tell you a few things from my point of view:

    1) I have 3 kids that I gave birth to. My first Nicklaus took forever to join us on the outside and the labor was horribly painful (until I got my epidural many, many hours into it) anyway, giving birth is the easy part, having a baby does not a mother make, raising YOUR child and loving her/him unconditionally is what makes a "REAL" parent. This leads nicely into 2) sooner or later someone will ask either you or your child or both if you know who the "real" parents are...easy answer..."why yes we do, the ones that feed, love, clothe, take care of her/him. The ones that have been doing it for (insert appropriate age here)years. And you're looking at them.
    3) Never, ever fail to make your child feel special...this is my favorite part of adoption-I used to tell my sister that it was better to be the "adopted" one...she asked why and I told her..."well, Mom and Dad went out and chose me over any other child in the world, you? They HAD to bring you home from the hospital..they had no choice!!LOLOLOL (I will add this so it won't seem like I was torturing my sister and ruining her self esteem...she's alot older than married at 18 and I was only 5..sooo...technically she was an adult when I told that so she has no emotional

  8. Congratulations! It was a major relief for us when we got ours. FYI, we used courier service to expedite our dossier at the Houston Consulate. They were terrific and I highly recommend them. We will also use them for when we have to get our Visa. We were able to get our dossier turned around in 3 days (including Fedex overnight) by using them, although it costs $$$. Good Luck!


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