Thursday, August 10, 2006

One year Anniversary

It boggles my mind that one year ago today, our dossier was logged in at the CCAA. At that time we reflected back on the paper chase and we looked to the future and the thought that within 6-8 months we'd have little Baby S in our arms. Six, eight, ten, even eleven months have come and gone and now we are at 12 months, but we still wait.

Recently seeing other families whom we've known or followed since the beginning of our process, both local and online, receive their referrals I know that our time will be here soon. Though I get tired of explaining time and time again about the reason for the delays and re-assuring people that no, this isn't some scheme where we'll lose all that we own, for the most part I'm happy that people are interested and always ask what's happening. In many ways the wait has proved a very positive thing. I've met so many wonderful people, so many local adopters, the Utah bloggy girls and numerous online friends. Many of these relationships will be life long and had our referral come back last February, these bonds wouldn't have been made.

So, here we sit 365 days since log-in, 555 days since we were accepted by our agency and probably over 850 days since we decided to adopt and started looking into agencies. I know that there are twenty-eight days worth of LIDs between those matched and ours and I'm strangely calm.

So, what are we doing to acknowledge this anniversary? Nothing, just another quiet day here at the Shanahan home.


  1. Oh wow, the dubious milestone. I remember it well. Twice.
    Hang in there baby is coming soon. It is worth the wait.

  2. put it in good perspective. Sometimes I have a lot of difficulty with the wait. Thanks for reminding me of the upsides :0)

  3. I love the positive spin you put on it. Happy Anniversary Lisa. I'm pretty sure we're getting very, very close!

  4. Boy oh boy do I know how you feel. I'm strangely calm as well. We're almost there.


  5. Well Happy Anniversary! That referral is right around the corner. The road is long, but as you said the friends and bonds we make thru this will last a lifetime.


  6. Happy anniversary! It's a sobering date, that's for sure, especially since we all went into this thinking "6 months, easy peasy." But I love your attitude and wholeheartedly agree.

    Oh, and I understand it's a quiet day, but what's for dinner?!!! I know you're making something extraordinary that will make me horribly jealous. :-)

  7. Happy Anniversary! Your time is coming very soon and I'm so excited for you!

  8. The wait is so hard and you are grace under that pressure!

  9. Happy Anniversary!!! Can't wait to see Baby S. all over this blog!!!



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