Sunday, July 28, 2013

Another double play date weekend

Maisie's really enjoying all the play dates she's had with her friends this summer. She had a whole list of friends she wanted to play with this summer and we've been working our way through, doing pretty good especially as summer break is almost over. Maisie had another wonderful weekend having play dates with two more of her friends from the gym. Early Saturday morning Maisie went over to Neil's home.


The girls spent some time at the high school with Neil's older sister, while she participated in some cheer leading activities.


I don't really know what activities were going on at the school but somehow it included greyhounds which Maisie happily posed with for a picture. The girls then returned to Neil's home where they played for a few hours. Maisie had a blast with her friend. Thanks for a fun play date and all the pictures.


Sunday afternoon Maisie went to Sarah's house. The girls spent the afternoon together at the pool and by the pictures I was sent, eating chips.


Bathing beauties.


After the pool Maisie returned to Sarah's house and played for a while before it was time for me to pick her up and bring her home for dinner.


Maisie was one tired girl, she struggled to eat her dinner, gave up and decided instead to make it an early night and off to bed she went. Maisie was sound asleep by 7:15! Thanks Sarah for a fun time and wearing out little Maisie.

Maisie loved playing with her friends and wishes that every weekend could be filled with play dates.


Lately I've been craving avocados and what I'm really wanting is a dish I posted way back when on Cook Lisa Cook for Baked Egg & Avocado. This dish is beyond wonderful and I could eat it everyday but for some reason I haven't made it in a while. Think I'm going to remedy that situation tomorrow. Click on the link to be taken to the recipe..




  1. This is such a random question, but where is her flip like a gymnast shirt from? I absolutely adore it and would love to find one...if that's possible. :) Looks like she's having a fun summer! (does she still have gymanstics practices during the summer?)

    1. Allie, the shirt is from Justice. She's at the gym year round, it would be punishment for her to take the summer off!

  2. I wish the kids around here would be in bed by 7:15. I think it was 11:30! Fun day. Great friends.

  3. You are such a good mommy setting up all those play dates! Linlee has not had one. Even though she is indifferent, I should still probably step up and try to coordinate something. It's just hard right now because I have my errands I need to take care of and then my my mother's appointments/errands as well. Not a lot of free time. Boo.

    Maisie looks so very happy.


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