Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hot and spicy

That would be the weather, my girl and Eammon’s dinner.

photo (1)e Maisie and I have been having some busy days together and with our weather being so hot lately the thing that she most enjoys, and also a nice way to end the day, is to spend time at the pool. 

photo (3)e

Hot weather, spicy girl and Eammon’s dinner a combo of both, hot and spicy.  Because I recently purchased quite a bit of mango pulp I’m trying to make recipes that call for mango. Eammon and Maisie have been enjoying mango lassi and I also made an oldie but a goodie for Eammon’s dinner, Mango Thai Chicken.

IMG_7917eBecause I used mango pulp instead on fresh mango, I changed the recipe only slightly in that I left out the brown sugar as the mango pulp was already somewhat sweetened.  Other than not having little bits of mango chunks there was no discernable difference in consistency and the taste was right on.  I will say that using the mango pulp was a lot less work and mess so a winner of a way to make the dish.  I served the chicken with Jasmine rice and some veggies that I stir-fried in a bit of sesame oil, fresh minced ginger & garlic and some soy sauce.  If you love mango, head on over to Cook Lisa Cook for both the Mango Lassi and Mango Thai Chicken recipes.


1 comment:

  1. Mango pulp....brilliant! Cutting up mango is a pita.
    Weather has been brutal, going to have to start spraying Kai down with the hose when we get home in the evenings to cool us off... Wishing August weather would wait for August.

    Love the pics of miss M.

    Our love to you all.


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