Sunday, June 26, 2011

Filly Finale…Finally

It has taken me a while to get this post together (considering that camp ended 9 days ago) as we’ve been busy and I haven’t had the time or energy to go through all the pictures and the video from Maisie’s final day at horseback riding camp and their riding Showcase.  Maisie and all the girls had so much fun and their instructor Mary said that she was a bit surprised but extremely pleased at how good the girls were with listening, paying attention, following directions, behaving and their attention span, so it was a great week all around.  I guess that this was a very young group for the stable’s camp and they arranged for a “special” shorter-day camp for just our group.  Our girls had all the same time with the horses and same amount of time riding but though they did some, they had less of the horsemanship classes and barn chores.  The shortened day worked out really well for the girls and especially Maisie who after camp still had her three-hours of gymnastics practice. 

Each day, because our girls were the little ones, they got to have their riding lesson first while it was still relatively cool.  After riding they went on to little classes where they learned about horses, breeds, training, feeding, keeping, grooming and other such horse related information.  They also did barn chores each day, watering, feeding, sweeping…but according to Maisie, “nothing gross like having to clean up poop!”  Each day when Lisa, Kathy and I arrived to pick the girls up they were finishing up their lunches and completing their crafts.  They were always filthy, sweaty, tired and completely excited and elated to have been with the horses and at the stables.  

photo (1)eMaisie, Friday morning with her horse du jour, Gritz.

photo (4)eMaisie & Kim feeding Gritz some carrots.

IMG_8503e For their final day Maisie and friends stayed later than usual and enjoyed a pizza lunch with the big girls.  Then there was some free playtime before getting ready for the Showcase so the girls had fun running around the arena.

IMG_8497eMaisie practiced jumping sans a horse.  First the low jump.

IMG_8520eJumping a bit higher.

IMG_8506eJumping with friends.

IMG_8514eA bit of running around.

IMG_8513eShe just never stopped.

IMG_8515eLike the Energizer Bunny Maisie kept going and going.

IMG_8523eFinally it was time to groom Gritz for the riding Showcase.

IMG_8531eGiving Gritz some love.

IMG_8533eBriana & Maisie ready to ride. 

IMG_8535eSassy little girls.  I can’t get over how grown up they are looking and also how filthy our Princess girls were but they loved it.

IMG_8545eReady to lead Gritz to the arena.

IMG_8557eReady to ride.

The girls showing what they learned.  (Unless you are related to one of the girls and really, really want to waste 8 minutes of your life to see them ride or you’re totally desperate for something to help put you to sleep, I’d advise skipping the video.  It’s here for Maisie to look back on someday.)

IMG_8558eLining up to receive their ribbons.

IMG_8574e It was really sweet of Miss. Andrea, the Admin at Maisie’s school and the person who hooked us up with the stable, to come and watch the girls at their Showcase.

IMG_8581eMaisie, Briana, Chani & Maya.  Sweaty, filthy, happy little girls celebrating all that they learned and accomplished during their week of camp.  It was a wonderful week and introduction to horseback riding for the girls and they all are asking to do it again next summer.


  1. That is an awesome horse camp. I am very impressed. And that is just hysterical, little Maisie jumping and jumping and jumping over those hurdles without a horse. LOL!

  2. What a wonderful way to spend a week with special friends! Looks like lots of fun!!


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