Monday, June 13, 2011

Horseback Riding Camp!!!

Maisie has been looking forward to attending horseback riding camp for months and months and today the day was finally here, her first day of camp, woohoo!!!! 

IMG_8422eLook at those excited little girls!  Chani, Maya, Maisie & Briana.

IMG_8434eMaisie grooming her horse Sneaky under the instruction of Madi.

IMG_8445eTrying to wrangle all the gear.  

IMG_8447eLearning to saddle the horse.

IMG_8452eExcited to be geared up and ready to ride. 

IMG_8454eBeing patient.

IMG_8457e Getting ready to mount Sneaky for the first time.

IMG_8458eFirst foot in. 

IMG_8459e She’s up.

IMG_8460eAnd mounted.

IMG_8466eGetting a feel for being on the horse.

Maisie riding E Enjoying the ride.  (Photo by Lisa F) 

IMG_8482eWorking on balance. 

Lisa, Kathy and I watched as the girls got their horses groomed and saddled and then for part of their riding lesson but once we saw that the girls were comfortable and doing great we headed off to relax, chat and sip some coffee.  While we were away the girls finished their riding lesson, did some work around the barn, watered the horses, learned about different breeds and markings, had a snack and did some arts & crafts.  We returned and the girls ate their lunch, finished their crafts and then their first day at camp was over.  Maisie and all the little girls had a wonderful day and they’re all looking forward to tomorrow and the opportunity to ride their horses again and learn new and exciting things.

Exciting things too over on Cook Lisa Cook.  I have joined a Secret Recipe Club and today was my first time posting.  How it works is, each month you are assigned a different participating food blogger and without telling them, you make one of their recipes of your choosing.  Then on a specified date everyone who is participating that month posts their recreation or version of the recipe they made.  I thought, what a great way to find some new food bloggers and try out some different recipes while also forcing encouraging me to post more to my own cooking blog, so I signed up.  So I’m hoping that this will be an additional kick in the tush motivator to help me post more often to my cooking blog.

homestyle chick curryMy first recipe with the Secret Recipe Club, Home Style Chicken Curry.  Another wonderfully delicious meal so head on over to Cook Lisa Cook and check out the recipe.

More Recently added recipes on Cook Lisa CookMango Lassi, Stir-Fried Asparagus with Water Chestnuts, Ginger & Cashews, Curried Roast Chicken Pieces with Spicy Sweet Potato & Carrots, Grilled Corn & Bacon Pudding, Oriental Chicken Salad, Potato Salad with Bacon and Coffee Crusted Steak.



  1. Love that first pic. I'm stealin' it. :D

    Bri loved the first day so much. As we were leaving she said, "I want to come back every day!"

    That chicken curry looks amazing. Mmmmm....

  2. Love the pictures and it looks like she had a great time. The chicken curry looks awesome. I might have to try that.

  3. Pictures look familiar!

  4. What an awesome camp! Maisie looked super excited. Sounds like you had a nice time too!

  5. Love the horse riding camp! You guys do such great things.


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