Thursday, June 02, 2011

Elite Team Camp 2011

Starting today Maisie has four days of intensive training with all the gymnasts at her gym who are on competitive teams.  This is her second year at Elite camp and she has been excited for weeks in anticipation of working out, practicing and learning new skills with the big girls as she remembers how much she enjoyed camp last summer.

IMG_7935eTeammates Aspen, Maisie & Alexis.

IMG_7943eThe gymnasts starting to line up for group stretch.  The young ones, USA Level 3 and AAU Level 3 in the front row with the older and upper level gymnasts behind them.

IMG_7949eLet the stretching begin.


IMG_7963e Last year at camp all the athletes received t-shirts but this year it was monogrammed leotards for the girls and shorts for the boys.  Maisie was so excited to receive her new leotard and can’t wait to wear it tomorrow and probably every day until the end of camp.  Guess I’m going to be doing laundry each and every night.

I picked Maisie up at the end of her workout and after a quick trip home to change her clothes we headed out to a local park for the Team Camp Kick-off BBQ. 

IMG_7968e This year instead of a pool party it was water gun play and Maisie turned into a little Rambo.

IMG_7970eMaisie and Aspen.

IMG_7973eMaisie smiled the entire time that she was running around shooting her water gun.

IMG_8004eA group picture of all the athletes who attended the BBQ.  Maisie was still holding on tight to her water gun.

IMG_8009eAll the athletes lining up to drench the coaches.  Notice that Maisie has her gun at the ready.

IMG_8024eSoaking the coaches.    

By the end of the BBQ it was well past Maisie’s bedtime and she was soaked and exhausted.  Maisie had an absolute blast at both practice and the BBQ and is super excited to return to the gym in in the morning. 


  1. Anonymous5:28 PM

    It's wonderful how Maisie always has fun with all her activities.

  2. Cute stuff! I love how Maisie wouldn't let go of the water gun!

    Too bad you couldn't get two leotards - then you could at least switch them out!

  3. Okay, Maisie and that water gun CRACKED ME UP. Rambo is right! What a little character!


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