Monday, April 04, 2011

Spring break Monday

IMG_5914Eammon worked from home this morning before his flight and Maisie kept herself entertained and tried her best not to let Baba travel alone.  Actually Eammon and Maisie played a few rounds of hide and seek and Maisie found Eammon’s suitcase to be a great hiding place.

photo (4)I on the other hand would have loved to play hide and seek especially if Nurse Terrie never found me. 

IMG_5936Once I returned home Maisie showed me that she had some new words that she wanted to teach me.   Do you think I should be worried about her choice of words??

IMG_5954I was then given an oral math test which she had prepared for me.

IMG_5952aShe even had a complete answer key.  First real school day off and Maisie must really be missing being in her class.  I love that she enjoys school so much and wants to play school when she’s not there…but her tests are hard!

Because all the children are on spring break Maisie’s gymnastics practice is on a special early schedule this week.  So a little after lunch we headed to the gym for her 3 hours there.

splitShe makes it look so easy.  Very luckily for her too, all of her gymnastics, splits, back walkovers, kart wheels she does just as easily and as well both righty and lefty. 

photoAfter dropping Maisie at the gym I had to get petrol as my low fuel warning light was flashing and I was on fumes.  Now don’t laugh because I’m pretty positive that most people reading this blog pay a lot more to fill up their car but I drive a Prius and this is my most expensive fill-up ever, I was totally shocked to see that ‘3’ as the first number.  Thankfully with spring break I’ll get a week to ten days off this fill-up so I can’t complain too much.

I picked Maisie up from the gym and then “splurged” on dinner at IHOP because I can be a real “big spender” and treat my girl when it’s children eat free after 4PM  ;-)  After dinner we returned home and played Game of Life.  Maisie loves playing the game on my iPhone so I thought it would be fun to play the board game.  I forgot how much was involved in the game so it took a while for me to re-familiarize myself but once we got into it we had fun.  I’ll tell you though, the game is a great way to practice math and reading skills.  It didn’t take long for Maisie to get the hang of paydays and that if she had a career that paid $50,000 and she had three $10,000 pay raises, that the bank owed her $80,000 and she counted it out each and every time. 

Well four down and 26 to go in my quest to blog each and every day this month.  Oh my though, I fear that by the end of the month when Maisie’s on her regular schedule of wake up, eat breakfast, go to school, come home from school, do homework, go to gymnastics, come home from gymnastics, eat dinner, wash up, go to bed, I’ll be desperate enough for blog material that I’ll be posting daily pictures of seedlings growing and even for me, the blog will be about as interesting as watching grass grow.  So, if anyone has some blog topic suggestions I’d love to hear from you.


  1. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Love the photo in the suitcase, too cute!

  2. Oh my, look at those splits!

    And yeah, I would have hid in the suitcase from Nurse Terrie too. (She did NOT have to fill up all those tubes, did she?!)

  3. Oh my gosh! Maisie has gotten so big!!! She looks like a tweeny in the gymnastics photo - so grown up!!! (BTW love Maisie's haircut)

    Sorry to hear you're not well. Nurse Terrie's tray looks scary!!!

  4. Love the daily updates. I am amazed at Maisie's flexibility; she's really turning into a top-notch gymnast!

    How about some recipe posts? You always make the most delicious looking food!

  5. Miss Lila2:58 PM

    I'm in Atlanta too.
    I've been following you for quite some time now. Love it!
    You were asking for blog post suggestions. Well I was wondering if you could share with us how to get good deals on cruises? I know you take them quite abit and would probably know.
    Thank you for sharing sweet, sweet Maisie with us.

    God Bless.
    Lila Huggins

  6. lisa, i found your blog through your "maisie eats bento" blog about 2 1/2 years ago. when the bento posts stopped, i moved over here and read the entire blog from start to finish. i love your adoption story and even your most mundane can make me smile, so post whatever you want! i have 2 children of my own but my daughter is very difficult and i long for the days (i hope they come!) where we can enjoy one another like you and maisie. keep posting!


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