Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Deadliest Catch

Great, just great…

IMG_6357aAnd yes that is a strand of Maisie’s hair that her teacher sent home with two nits…lovely.  Yesterday one little girl in Maisie’s classroom was found to have live lice in her hair and after the school checked everyone, Maisie along with a number of her classmates were found to have nits. 

IMG_6361aMaisie was not happy but last night we treated and thoroughly combed her hair.  I also did mine as she sleeps with me and better to treat both of us than for me to find later on that I have them and have to do it all over again.  All the bedding, linens and recently worn clothing have gone through the high-temp sanitary cycle in the washing machine as well as the anti-bacterial dry cycle, I purchased new bed pillows (it was probably about time and this was a good excuse) and all the mattresses as well as the upholstery & rugs in the house and car have been sprayed and treated.  All the floors have been vacuumed and mopped and now I’m just hoping that I got everything and that this is our first and last time that we’re going to have to deal with this.

On to the real Deadliest Catch, the new season starts tonight and I am wicked excited!  I have watched the series since the beginning and have seen every.single.episode and some more than once.  Last week while Eammon was away I recorded and watched the best of Season 6 and it just got me psyched and ready for season 7.  While watching the best of I experienced the same emotions as when I watched the shows originally.  For instance, even though I knew the outcome my heart stopped as I watched the Jakes in their survival suits being returned to their ships after they finished working on each other’s ship and realized that I was holding my breath until they were safe.  It was sad to watch the whole death of Capt. Phil again and it should be interesting what happens this season on the Cornelia Marie with her new captain and the Harris brothers.  I’m happy that the Hillstrand brothers will still be at the helm of the Time Bandit as they are such characters.  With two new ships and three new Captains, I can’t wait to see what season 7 brings.


Day twelve and still hanging strong in my quest to blog each and every day this month as I’m participating in M3’s Spring Fling! 30 posts in 30 days.  If you have questions, anything that you’d like to know or would like me to blog about, please either leave it in the comments or shoot me an email.  Thank you for following along with Moments with Maisie and we love all the comments.


  1. I bet you didn't think lice would make your blogging topics list :-)
    I shudder to think - definitely a benefit of being mom to a boy, much easier to comb through hair to check for nits.

  2. That is oh-so-true, never did I imagine that nits would make it into our lives let alone to the blog. Maybe after 11 days in a row of blogging I'm getting a bit desperate for topics ;-)

  3. Aw man, that is my nightmare! So sorry you having to deal with it. Hoping you all can get a handle on it and fast and that it doesn't just keep making the rounds of your classroom. Ugh!!

  4. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Oh, what a bummer! So sorry that happened to her, and to you!

    Hopefully those little buggers are gone from your house and head!

  5. Being a teacher nits have always been one of my biggest phobias. So sorry you both had to go through this.

    R and I LOVE Deadliest Catch. I don't think it will be the same without Capt. Phil. He was my favorite. I also watched the Best of Season 6 and got all weepy again, even though I knew what happened.

  6. Another Deadliest Catch fan here too. Cried my eyes out when Cap't Phil died. Not sure what this new season will be like.
    As for the nits.....can't let my head go there. Scares me to death.

  7. Yikes! Hopefully they are all gone. So glad we haven't had to deal with that yet.
    I haven't watched Deadliest Catch. I just couldn't get into that.

  8. Jeanne7:48 PM

    Poor Maisie, the whole nit thing including treatment is so unlovely. I remember one of my boys being sent home from school by the `Nit Nurse` and being told nits only like clean hair -so unfair!! You're doing great....only ???? days to go!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Loving your daily posts, but thought I better say hi! You guys have so much fun stuff going on! Well, except for the head lice. My son came home from Boy Scout camp one year with lice. The best treatment we came up with: Plugging his ears up and blowing his hair out with an air compressor!

  10. ACK!!! There was a lice epidemic when I was in kindergarten and I was sent home. I remember my mom treating my hair. Ugh!! I hope I never have to deal with it but I'm not gonna hold my breath.

    Deadliest Catch fan here too!

  11. Awe nuts - lice! I don't think a year went by when I taught second grade that one of my students did not have a case of the little buggers. With my long hair, I don't know how I managed to escape ever catching them, but my scalp crawled every time I was informed that they were in my classroom. I hope for your sake and Maisie's this is just a one time deal. It's so inconvenient and just a bit upsetting.

    Never heard of The Deadliest Catch. Sounds like a fishing show.

  12. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Oh, ickey - I had that once in elementary school and I remember all the sanitizing that had to get done. Hoping that's the last time that happens. We took that lice killer stuff with us to China just in case - still hoping never to use it.


  13. Growing up in Hawaii, we had 'uku' head check on a monthly basis and needed it even more often ;)

    It always threw my mom into fits of cleaning and combing us all out...such a mess!

    I'm sorry you had to deal with this. I was all prepared for it in China, but haven't thought much since. Maybe this is *one* benefit of our super cold winters??


  14. Ugh!! Sorry to hear about the head lice! Sadly it's clean hair they like so most well washed kiddos get it at least once. Not looking forward to this day!!

    I've watched Deadliest Catch on and off but after reading your post I'm more intrigued to give this season's show a go. Will have to check my listings and set the PVR.


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