Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter baking

This Thursday Maisie’s class will have their Easter party and egg hunt and we’re bringing cupcakes for everyone.  Since Wednesday is a busy day with school and gymnastics and Maisie loves helping in the kitchen especially when baking, we decided to bake the cupcakes today so that they could cool completely and we wouldn’t be rushed in decorating them.  So after school and homework Maisie and I baked the cupcakes and tomorrow we’ll decorate.

IMG_6539Maisie’s a pro at cracking eggs.

IMG_6542She helped measure and add the oil & water to the strawberry cake mix.

IMG_6555Mixing everything together.

IMG_6572Maisie giving the batter a taste test.

We got the cupcakes into the oven and Maisie went off to change out of her school clothes.  I wanted to give Maisie a little instant gratification treat so while she was out of the kitchen I took the little bit of remaining batter and put it in a greased custard cup.  I put it in the microwave for two minutes on high and instant cake!

IMG_6583aI popped the little cake out onto a plate and within minutes it was cool.  To decorate it Maisie picked out some white cookie icing and heart sprinkles which were left over from our Valentine’s day baking

IMG_6591Ready to give her cake a try.

IMG_6599Delicious!!  Maisie gives it thumbs up and said that her classmates will love the cupcakes. 


Nineteen posts in a row!  I’m participating in M3’s Spring Fling! 30 posts in 30 days and I’m still going strong!  If you have any suggestions or ideas on blog topics or things you’d like to know, please leave them in the comments or shoot me an email.  Thank you for following along with Moments with Maisie and we love all the comments.


  1. I didn't know you could make cake in the microwave!

    Cute pics of Miss Maisie making cupcakes.

  2. I think it's wonderful that you enjoy cooking/crafting with Maise. However, after having taught for many years, I've experienced that it's always one Mom who brings in for every party. It causes a great deal of resentment from the other children. So, as much as you and Maise enjoy it, the teacher should allow other moms to help. Many moms are happy that you do it all; however, every child should feel important bringing in a special treat. I'm not criticizing, just sharing from the other children's point of view.

  3. Alice, while I appreciate your point of view I feel think what you may be missing is that I only post about the holidays where I am the one who brings in treats for Maisie's class. In addition to the holidays that I have done the children have also had celebrations and parties for Hanukkah, Christmas, Purim, Passover, as well as on the last day of every month they a special day often with treats. Of course the children's parents all have the opportunity to bring in something for their child's birthday celebration or half-birthday celebration if they have a summer birthday. While I am very thankful that other parents are willing to and have stepped up and hosted wonderful holidays and treats for the class I have not felt it necessary to blog about those parties.

  4. Maisie is so cute giving her thumbs up!

    I can't wait to bake with Z. He likes to be up on the counter now, but it usually ends up more mess than help. :o)

    I didn't know you can bake in the microwave like that. Cool! I always have left over batter when I make cupcakes.


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