Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dick and Jane

IMG_6313aI’d have to say that it was soon after we first returned home from China with Maisie that I saw Dick and Jane and Friends in a store and just had to buy the book.  I had such fond memories of learning to read in the first grade using the Dick and Jane books and with my new baby girl, I just had visions of sharing this book with her and watching her learn to read with Dick and Jane too. 

IMG_6308The stories were so simple and sweet.

IMG_6309And the illustrations, well I still love them.

When Maisie first started reading I pulled out this Dick and Jane book.  On and off over a few months she read almost the entire book to me and though I thought the book charming and sweet she found it downright boring and at the very opinionated age of 3.5 years old she put her foot down and told me she needed a different book as she wasn’t going to read Dick and Jane anymore.  Since then this poor Dick and Jane book has languished on the book shelf, neglected.  Honestly it’s only because of sentimental reasons on my part that the book hadn’t yet been relegated to the Goodwill pile.  Now at five years old Maisie’s reading 150+ page chapter books so it’s time for Dick and Jane to move on.  

I told Maisie that one of our bloggy friends was just learning to read and that her Daddy had memories of learning to read with Dick and Jane and how nice it would be if she would pass her book along to someone who would really enjoy reading it.

IMG_6289So Maisie sat down and took a look at her long neglected book and quickly read a few pages.

IMG_6297It didn’t take long for Maisie to make a determination about the book as she quickly signed *BORING* to me and happily agreed that the book should be passed along to someone else.

So earlier this week the book was packaged up and is now making its way to a new home and a little girl who will hopefully enjoy spending time with Dick and Jane and their Friends a lot more than Maisie did. 


Post number thirteen and other than having to resort to blogging about nits I’m still going strong in my quest to blog each and every day this month as I’m participating in M3’s Spring Fling! 30 posts in 30 days.  We love all your comments so please keep them coming!


  1. Oh, I loved Dick and Jane, too! :) How sweet that you and Maisie decided to send it to another little one who is learning to read. As always, I'm amazed by Maisie! Reading 150 page chapter books at 5 years old is fantastic! Go Maisie!

  2. Sweet to pass it along!

    And I love that you posted about the dreaded lice (hate that you have to go through it) -- it's life, man.

  3. Ahhh...what a sweet thing to pass it on! I fondly remember reading Dick & Jane too! I think I'll start looking in our local book stores to see if I can find one...even if there's a chance Hannah will find it boring too. ;o) Sometimes you just have to read this nostalgic thing's for mommy's sake!

    Cute pic of her signing 'boring!' LOL!!


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