Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sparkles the Pegasus

Maisie has never attached to any toy, blanket or object and isn’t even a real toy lover as she much prefers to be active, do projects in a school workbook or pretend play in her kitchen and now her doll house.  For years Maisie and I have walked through toy isles and she would never ask me to buy anything for her.  Then back the end of January, we were both adjusting to her being back in school after seven weeks off, her new three hour/three days a week gymnastics schedule and having work done in the house making our family room and kitchen unusable for days and it was late Friday morning, she was being such a good girl, had completed all her school work and was so well behaved even after being cooped up in the house with work people so we decided to make a quick run to Wal*mart to pick up a few items.  While walking through we passed a take 50% off the clearance price toy table and I stopped to take a quick look.  Well Maisie spotted this large 19-inch tall white horse and for the first time EVER asked if I would buy a toy for her because she loved the horse.  Well she had been such a little star, so well behaved and good and seeing that she had NEVER asked for a toy before (or since) and the fact that the horse after the additional 50% off was only $8, I just had to say yes.   

IMG_5897Maisie immediately named the horse Sparkles and plays with her all.the.time, she does love this horse.  Today though she decided that Sparkles was magical and should sport wings and be able to fly.  So Sparkles is now Pegasus Sparkles and is having a grand time flying her way through the house.

Yesterday after Maisie’s fall* we weren’t able to make it back to the car dealer to pick up my car but it wasn’t a problem as I had no where to go last night and thankfully they’re open on Sundays!  So this morning after Sparkles became a Pegasus, Eammon took Maisie for a couple hours of playtime at Chuck E. Cheese’s.  After that we all headed over to pick up my car and then we enjoyed a quick and delicious late lunch at Tin Drum before heading home. 

Today is a gorgeous sunny, breezy and warm day but we have a pollen count probably in the couple of thousands as everything outside looks like it has a dusting of greenish yellow snow.  Despite all the pollen, after lunch Maisie helped me pull her car seat from my car and vacuum up all the raisins, goldfish, cheerios, miscellaneous crumbs, crackers and debris and wipe & vacuum as much of the pollen off the dash and interior before it started settling again.  After that short time outside though we were both wheezing from the crazy high pollen count and retreated to conditioned space. 

IMG_5912Maisie spent the rest of the afternoon working on her computer, playing with Pegasus Sparkles, dressing up, playing school, decorating and redecorating the rooms in her doll house, helping Eammon pack and just being an all around fun and great kid…Love my girl!

I can’t believe that the weekend is almost over but it’s spring break this week so Maisie and I will have some fun times and activities together.  Yeah fodder for my 30 days of blogging!

* Icing Maisie’s bruise seemed to really help as today it doesn’t look any worse (or better yet) than yesterday but she’s not complaining of any pain and soon it will heal.


  1. Holy cow, thirty days in a row? Good luck! I used to blog almost every day, but I guess I was younger and only had one kid. Now I'm older, more tired and have two kids; I'm lucky if I manage two or three times a week.

    Poor Maisie and her little chin. I'm glad the injury wasn't any worse and she's not complaining today.

    Linlee used to be like that too, never asking for anything. Now wherever we go, she just puts what she wants in the cart. Ha! Love Maisie's creativity with her horse.

  2. Love the descrip of what was under the car seat -- the last time we pulled ours out I actually gasped out loud. Yep, it was that shocking. Yeesh.

  3. Arnica Montana for bruising and such...i don't know how it works, but it's simply amazing, get it at the health food store or anywhere they sell homeopathic.

    you could google it so you know i'm not a troll or crazy, it really REALLY works.

  4. What a great horse! I can't believe Maisie never asked for anything before. I wish I could say the same about Rachel. LOL!

  5. Love the awesome horse too!!! And for $8 bucks I would have bought it even if she hadn't wanted it. he hee heh. I am glad her bruise is doing better. She is so cute.


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