Friday, April 08, 2011

Spring break Friday

More than any other day this week, Maisie has been looking forward to today most of all because she knew that we were going to pick up Maya this morning and head to the horse farm where the two of them, along with two other friends, will be attending horseback riding camp for a week in June.

IMG_6116Maisie and Maya loved meeting and petting some of the horses.

IMG_6120Hand in hand the girls toured the facility.

IMG_6137 They met the ponies that they’ll be riding this summer.

IMG_6156And they went off exploring the grounds with some of the girls working at the farm.  

IMG_6163They met one of the two older horses who roam free at the ranch.

IMG_6177And pretended to be horses in the indoor rink.

IMG_6197Maisie had a smile on her face the entire time we were at the barn.

IMG_6186The girls gave farewell pats to the horses and said their goodbyes until they return in June.  

IMG_6200aMaisie is super excited and can’t wait for horseback riding camp to begin.

IMG_6205We returned home for a lunch of dumplings and carrot sticks with dip.

IMG_6206Then we spent time wrapping eggs in silk ties to make Easter eggs.

IMG_6212We rolled each egg in the fabric and then with tiny rubber bands, twisted the ends to secure the fabric. 

IMG_6107aThe eggs looked so pretty all twisted in their fabric and we couldn’t wait to see how they would turn out.

IMG_6215While the eggs cooked the girls played.

IMG_6221It was fun to see the eggs once the silk was removed. 

IMG_6224Maisie and Maya with some of the eggs that Maya took home.

IMG_6229The color on a few of the eggs was just too light so Maisie took her markers and crayons to those while I finished unwrapping the remaining cooked eggs.

IMG_6244Maisie with a selection of our silk dyed eggs.  Overall they came out really well and it was a fun and easy project.

SpringFling[10]Post number eight and still going strong in my quest to blog each and every day this month as I’m participating in M3’s Spring Fling! 30 posts in 30 days.  Thank you to everyone who is commenting, it’s nice to know that people are reading and enjoying Moments with Maisie.  Again, a big thank you to those who have commented or emailed blog post suggestions.  I will be posting some recipes, cooking tips and bentos after the fun and busy days of spring break ends.  Please keep the ideas coming, I love all the suggestions.


  1. Horseback riding camp?!!! Oh man, *I* want to go to horseback riding camp. They are going to have so much fun.

    Love the silk-colored eggs -- never heard of that before and we just might have to try it this week.


  2. Those eggs are so pretty! That was brilliant. Did you cut up all of E's ties to do that project?

    What I noticed most about the horse barn/arena is how much cleaner it all was compared to wear Linlee rides. Hmm. Maybe I'll send pictures to Linlee's place so they can catch a clue. LOL! Can't wait to see pictures from horse camp this summer. Those two little girls sure looked awfully cute.

  3. Anonymous10:21 PM

    These blog postings are so much fun to read. Since being sick this week, I've looked forward to reading a new one each day. Horse camp looked wonderful. The Easter egg project looked INCREDIBLE. Those are just gorgeous. Very unique.


  4. Oh they look so happy with the horses! You know they will love summer camp! Maisie looks just radiant!

    Congrats on your daily blogging!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  5. I cannot wait until Bri can attend camp. The girls are going to love it! It is such a pretty facility and I am so glad you found out about it. :D

    Love the egg project! I think I might need to try that out.


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