Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Catching up and pictures

* I've been a little behind in posting and adding pictures, but as usual we've been busy and on top of that, both Maisie and I both have been fighting colds and battling snot...Yuck! I think there may be an end in sight, let's keep our fingers crossed and hope!

file11 file10file9 * Friday Maisie had fun wearing her fancy shoes and playing with her beads, this was of course when she wasn't on her bouncy ball.

* Saturday morning we had our final (1 year) home study visit. Oh, you seem to remember that we celebrated our gotcha day anniversary way back in December, so why are we doing the visit now? Seems that our original social worker had little or no interest in doing her job in a timely manner so a different social worker completed everything for us. The visit went smoothly and it's great to be finished!!

file2 * Saturday night Maisie and I got together with other families from my local Moms group for an around the world dinner. Everyone brought a dish that was symbolic of where they came from or chose to be from for the night. We have so many heritage/ethnicity/country options in this house I decided to use Maisie's and I brought Chinese Peanut Sesame Noodles which everyone seemed to enjoy. I also dressed Maisie in one of her dresses from China as she rarely has the opportunity to wear them and so many people commented on how adorable she looked. We were able to enjoy foods from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Germany, Greece & Italy, to name a few. It was a fun evening.

file1* If you are interested, check out Cook Lisa Cook for the Chinese Peanut Sesame Noodle recipe.

* Sunday morning Eammon took Maisie to the Aquarium where they both had fun looking at the fish. Seems there was a big foot race in Atlanta and that combined with streets still being closed due to the recent tornado and spring break happening, both the city and the Aquarium were quite busy and packed. They lasted a good long time there though but I was happy to be home doing some work and avoiding the crowds.

file3file4 * Sunday afternoon Maisie and Eammon had a little Wii competition and oh what fun Maisie had playing both bowling and golf. The girl definitely has her own style and a cute one at that.file5file6file7file8
* We are semi-back to our usual weekly routine, doing things when Maisie is feeling okay and laying low when she needs it. Hopefully I'll get some (snot-free) pictures taken and posted soon.


  1. Adorable!! Love that dress.

    (By the way, after the girls watched the Maisie on her bouncy ball video about a zillion times, Rod finally went out and got two for our house.)

  2. I love Maisie playing the Wii! Li Li LOVES the Wii too! Last night Ian got Lego Star War and she was memorized! Ian let her be R2D2 since he can't do too much damage while he is playing!

  3. Love all the wii pictures and all her colorful beads! So cute!

  4. So sorry to hear you guys all were sick too! It totally stinks, doesn't it? Glad to hear you are starting to feel better.

    Maisie looks so cute in that dress!

    And Maisie playing the Wii is so funny! She looks like she means business! LOL!

  5. I am so sorry you guys are sick again. I hope you get feeling better soon. Love the beads! And I can't believe she knows how to play the Wii. Much smarter than me.

  6. Maisie is such a girlie girl with her fancy shoes and jewellery!!!

    Go wii!!! We love wii here too!

  7. We are sick with colds here too- the dreary weather doesn't help either. Hopefully the sun will come out soon!

  8. Cute pictures! And you have been busy. We have been fighting colds too, cant wait for summer.


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