Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ready for a new week

This past week was rather rough with me not feeling well, Eammon working his usual long hours, Maisie being on spring break and pollen counts as much as 2600% above what is considered extremely high.

pollen count 4-11-08 1

Much to Maisie's chagrin and my sanity, we had to limit our outdoor time and all I can say is how thankful I am for the bouncy ball, indoor trampoline, play-doh and washable markers. We did make it through the week but I think both Maisie and I are looking forward to getting back to our normal schedule. Our week wasn't all bad as we still managed a couple of days having indoor playtime with friends and Friday morning we did venture out and met up with Kathy & Chani and Lisa & Briana at Tanglewood Farm.

file1 We got to get up close and personal with lots of miniature animals and when I say we, I mean me as Maisie is not an animal person and did her best to avoid being near and/or touching any of the animals.

file2 While both Briana and Chani saddled up and went for a pony ride, Maisie was happy to just jump on the rocking moose for her ride.



  1. Adorable pics of the girls! Where ever did you get that backpack with the strap attached to it?...I need one of those for Ava!

  2. I hope the pollen count drops and you are perked back up very soon. Oh, that is such a frustrating feeling when those allergies have you down.

    Love the farm pics. That looks as though it was a fun outing even for a girl who doesn't want to be too up close and personal with the animals. So, likely no vet school in her future, eh?

  3. Aww, the girls are adorable and it was such a fun day. I hope the pollen didn't get to you too much that day.

  4. We had so much fun seeing you and Maisie on Friday!

    The pollen absolutely stinks!

    LOL - I love the "big chair" picture!

  5. The girls look like they are having a great time. I hope the pollen clears up soon for you.

  6. Allergies are rough. Hope you make it through. You always do fun things.


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