Thursday, April 17, 2008

Good to be back

blogger spam I awoke Tuesday morning to find that my blog had been flagged as a possible spam blog and I was locked out, no publishing possible. I've already published 488 posts and you'd sort of hope that the spam-prevention robots would have pick up on it sooner had I actually been a spam blog. Oh well, I'm back in the game now and my withdrawal symptoms have dissipated.

Kai and Kim On a more important note, I'm asking all my bloggy friends to send good wishes and prayers to my friend Kim and her family. The day after returning from China with their new son Kai, he had to be life-flighted to the hospital. Kai has since had heart surgery and is also recovering from pneumonia. You can follow his progress at The Brown Bulletin.


  1. Oh my gosh! Welcome back! I understand those withdrawl symptoms - LOL!

    I will definitely be praying for your friend and her son.

  2. That is terrible about kim - she will be in our prayers by all means!

    I looked at this title and avout picked up the phone thinking "what happened!" LOL - See ya soon and have fun :D

    ladybug hugs,

  3. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Glad you are back and I sent a message to your friend. I will be praying for their baby and family. Hope you all are doing well!!!

  4. Poor little guy...I'm sending the best his way. This family is in my heart.

    I nagged the hooey out of Blogger and they unlocked me in less than 12 hrs. to shut me up LOL. Seems many of us are suspected spammers these days!

  5. Anonymous9:32 PM

    I just noticed you're 6 days away from 500 days as a family :-) Great to hear from you. I have Kim in my thoughts.

  6. Visited Kim today. She has such a good attitude. Kai looked good. He is so darling and so lucky to have a family and good medical care. She really appreciated your support Lisa.


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