Monday, April 14, 2008

My Houdini

Maisie has managed to circumvent all my attempts at child containment and of making the house child safe. She makes short work of those silly door knob covers that I have difficulty with, so now all doors in the house have hooks & eyes but on the pocket doors she's figured out how to pop the hook and open the door. In addition, her super strong little fingers have figured out how to not only work the drawer & cabinet locks but she also pries outlet covers out of the outlets. I've removed everything dangerous from the drawers and cabinets so now it's just keeping an eye on her to prevent her from emptying the contents and distributing everything across the floor and throughout the room and I've also upgraded the outlet covers to ones that take me five minutes and two hands to remove but give her time and she'll figure those out too. In addition I've had to add latches to the tops of the refrigerator and freezer doors as she was climbing up and into the fridge. I'm telling you, this girl keeps me on my toes and has me completely exhausted by midday the end of every day.


  1. Oh my gosh! That is amazing! I can barely get that hook open! LOL!

  2. Wait til she's 16... that phrase is gonna take a whole new meaning :)

  3. Holy smokes! She's a crafty one. Watch out mama, Miss M is gonna give you a run for it.

  4. I know she is not suppose to do this, and I know she is wearing you out... but that voice, that smile. SHE IS SO STINKING CUTE!

  5. LOL - She keeps you one your toes :D

  6. LOL - Wow, guess it's time for industrail strength hook and eyes with locks. Do they make such a thing and how long until she figures them out????

  7. Obviously, she is going to be a great problem solver. Have fun witht that one. ;)

  8. Way to go Maisie....Grandma

  9. Ah yes... the ha-ha-I-mock-your-puny-childproofing laugh. I might have heard that one a time or two... Sending big hugs my friend. We've had to give up on almost all babyproofing in this house. Couple of things that still work with our girls: we've got the learning tower attached to the wall with one of those little latches you have to slide open with your thumb (gah! can't remember the name), and we installed a tiny deadbolt into the side our sliding glass door frame (way up high). A safety chain for doors also might work, the kind that people use on their front doors. Good luck!

  10. Oh my! She is so smart! Joleigh was watching the video with me and you could see her thoughts of escaping, too! She is such a cutie!

  11. Oh my goodness! Love how she's so proud... =)

  12. Anonymous3:01 AM

    hehe this reminds me of the time that Cady locked me in the garage, then went to put on her red shoes all by herself. She opened the door right after I called her dad and right before I called the fire department.

    Your daughter has gotten so big! WOW I remember when you were just waiting for her....seems like long ago now.


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